MRC outage

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Par snout

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23-11-2015, 01:10

Hey lads, we had some unplanned outage due to one of our RAID drives failing and some signs that the remaining drive was not looking 100% either. Add to that an outstanding Ubuntu bug that caused Grub not to boot after the new harddisks had been installed and we had our hands full with filesystem checks, (re)configuration of Grub/boot and verifying things before we turned the webserver back on again. Did you miss us as much as we missed you? Wink

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Par sd_snatcher

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23-11-2015, 01:37

Certainly! Glad you're back! Smile

Par Grauw

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23-11-2015, 01:40


Par Manuel

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23-11-2015, 06:53

Glad you're back (in one piece)!


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23-11-2015, 11:32

Yeah, don't do that... I get sleepless nights... Smile

Par Daemos

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23-11-2015, 11:57

Guess you guys have a raid-5 or 6 volume. Grub sometimes doesn't like that.

Par tvalenca

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23-11-2015, 15:46

Glad you're back!

Par raymond

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23-11-2015, 16:17

Luckily nothing has been lost Smile

Par anonymous

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24-11-2015, 07:36

A sleepless night it was indeed... Edward A. Murphy jr decided to pay us a visit and thought was a good idea to let go of another harddisk while the raid array had not been rebuilt completely yet. We're still in a bit of a temporary situation, but the database is safely up and running on a brand new server. We'll be migrating the rest of the stuff during the upcoming day(s).

Par edoz

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24-11-2015, 08:42

Yes, my personal favorite website is Online again!!!

Par fernandomanuel.garciagarcia

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24-11-2015, 08:55

We've really missed you guys! great you're back Big smile

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