Microsoft MSX Event held in May 2016

Microsoft MSX Event held in May 2016

par snout on 08-06-2016, 14:44
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Every once in a while we lure you with a bit of clickbait to the letters MSX appearing somewhere unexpected. Like the MSX Parasite or the Honda MSX bikes. This one is a bit more interesting though, as none other than Microsoft is using this combination of letters again. And as you might have guessed already, it has nothing to do with our favourite 8-bitter.

On May 12th, 2016 the Microsoft Experience Center in Hong Kong hosted an event called MSX // Retail - an exclusive showcase for business executives looking to find out what's neXt in business solutions powered by technology & innovation. Under the slogan get ready to disrupt. Several partners of Microsoft, including Red Hat and Akamai were present to share their views and showcase their latest innovations. Those still interested in more details can find out more in this report.

Relevant link: MSX // Retail website at Microsoft

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  • Microsoft MSX Event held in May 2016
  • Microsoft MSX Event held in May 2016

Commentaires (9)

Par Louthrax

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08-06-2016, 16:27

Yeah, I prefered going to the Nijmegen MSX meeting instead Tongue Not in Hong-Kong but we had chineese food Smile

Par edoz

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08-06-2016, 16:44

And beer Big smile

Par snout

Ascended (15187)

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08-06-2016, 16:49

And the One True MSX ))

Par Louthrax

Prophet (2436)

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08-06-2016, 17:09

edoz wrote:

And beer Big smile

The Nijmegen after-after party Smile !

Par o.geerdink

Hero (588)

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08-06-2016, 18:42

I have encountered msx many times as system builder meaning MicroSoft eXchange

Par Vampier

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09-06-2016, 14:20

MSXML anyone? MicroSoft XML

Par Samor

Prophet (2165)

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09-06-2016, 21:34

they still like white text on blue backgrounds, at least

Par nitrofurano

Champion (301)

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10-06-2016, 23:39

Vampier wrote:

MSXML anyone? MicroSoft XML

yes, it sounds really scary... :S -

Par janghang

Master (129)

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18-06-2016, 11:56

I am sure that the MS marking people who are in charge of this event do not even know what MSX is actually.