Famicom Band Live - Konami Medley & stage act

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Par JohnHassink

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09-10-2017, 01:42


As the focus is on the NES, not every MSX fan will recognize everything. Even then, roughly the first 25 minutes of this consist of very relatable stuff.
Seeing as the portrayal of the games by stage actors (actually orchestra members) is very enjoyable, it's recommended to not just listen to this on the toilet or on the train through your smartphone, but to actually watch this with decent sound and on your biggest screen. You won't regret it. ;)

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Par Parn

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10-10-2017, 05:58

This is really awesome. Thank you!

Par Thom

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10-10-2017, 14:11


Par tfh

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10-10-2017, 14:29

LOL... This is great. Shame about the bad quality, but man.. I had some laughs!

Par evulopah

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11-10-2017, 13:13

Very very nice to see and hear. A lot of MSX related music and @ 25:00 you hear Parodius Da! for the SNES which also has a great score. Great mix of different console/homecomputer music.

Par Pippo

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11-10-2017, 15:14

Simply excellent and fantastic!! Big smile Big smile

Par Pac

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11-10-2017, 19:50

Nice video! Thank you.

Par Feiraco

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05-02-2018, 13:40

That was brilliant John, thanks for sharing!
Really hilarious and magnificent to see that people have brought computer game medlies to the theatre.

At the start I recognize Nesmsis, Yie-Are-Kung-Fu, Antartic Adventure and Hyper Sports, and later the Goonies. The tunes at 11'53 and 18'05 sound very familiar. Any ideas here?

Par JohnHassink

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05-02-2018, 13:59

Hi Feiraco, how nice that you found this and that it got picked up by someone who also appreciates it. Smile At 11:53 it is "Vampire Killer" and at 18:05 it's "Maze of Galious".

Also, from 5:07 you will hear "Twinbee", at 10:57 it's a medley of "Ganbare Goemon" (also known as "Samurai"), and around 23:20, "Contra" starts.
Oh, and there's a really short part (ofcourse) of "Road Fighter" at 07:53.

Par Manuel

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05-02-2018, 22:08

Most are also the MSX tunes (probably because they're the same as on NES?) Not MSX: Goonies 2... well, the King Kong 2 music sounds different. Hinotori music also sounds different. After that a few that I don't know, probably also non-MSX then. Well, stopped listening after MoG Smile

Par JohnHassink

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05-02-2018, 23:57

Most of them are the same indeed. King Kong 2 is an entirely different game; you're actually playing King Kong himself, fighting slimes and smashing up stuff. Smile
Hinotori on the NES only shares the source material (the manga/anime) with the MSX2 version but is totally different for the rest. For starters, it's a side scroller, and the only similarity between the soundtracks of both is ofcourse this melody:
which is a rendition of this song from the ending of the OVA:
(and yes, the ladybug, which is also seen in the game does have a significance, but I don't want to spoil that for the people who'd like to watch the entire thing here)

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