high quality graphics on TMS 9918.

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Par smx

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11-10-2017, 12:13

The ball seems to have 2 grey color level!

Par Grauw

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11-10-2017, 15:21

Never played Life in the Fast Lane ?

Par tfh

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11-10-2017, 15:27

Grauw wrote:

Never played Life in the Fast Lane ?

very smooth indeed, but missing the smooth background scroll.

Par Grauw

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11-10-2017, 15:32

tfh: Indeed, the video in the OP took care to use only two colours per (tile) line and could do a smooth bitwise scroll that way. On the other hand, in Life in the Fast Lane you can go under water ;).

Par Maggoo

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11-10-2017, 15:58

Life in the fast lane is technically very cool, the water transition was a great idea.

Even tho the frame rate is a little lower and fewer colors, I still think the most impressive version of Pseudo 3D track is Wec Le Mans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-O-SblMxeA
When you consider all the scaling and the fact it's a Spectrum port... It's very decent.

Makes you wonder what could be done using Screen 4, line interupts and 128K of Vram to store scaled tiles...

Maybe something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVSCFf6BjQ4

Par Grauw

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11-10-2017, 16:17

Somewhat relevant… Troxx (V9938).

Par hit9918

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11-10-2017, 16:34


I am not sure what the difference between its TMS9918 and MSX's. The 16bit CPU can change the overall graphics quality?

The "16bit" sticker is making a commercial from a desaster
After the homecomputer cpu was late, they had to use the 16bit version from the workstation,
and then could afford only 256 bytes RAM!!!

the whole thing runs with an INTERPRETER from vram
BASIC interpreter on top of interpreter
this is the reason why the TI99 failed, dead sure not the 9918.

in 1982 screen 2 got added, the TI99 had only screen 1
one can easily pixelscroll in screen 1
this time scroll culture was held back by a strange cpu that uses vram for programs

look this

Par Overflow

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11-10-2017, 17:37

You might not know: a kick-ass demo was released on TI99/4A this year.
Should be nominated for "that's not possible on that platform" award - Easter 2018.
Check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhSUhE03XFw or Pouet.

Par hit9918

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11-10-2017, 18:32

yeah use the power of the tile hardware!

fast polygons could be done. but need itching logic.
in a combination of charset and bitmap style rendering.
"when a clear screen is just 768 bytes", not 12 kbytes.
and then.
"if nametable value is of blank type then pick a new tile number, else overdraw in the existing one"
and all the parts of a polygon who are 8x8 pixels the same color, they need just one byte written to nametable to fill 8x8 pixels!
say nametable values 0-15 are the blanks of 16 colors.

and all the rendering shouldnt take more than 128 chars
then one has two banks -> tidy doublebuffering of bitmap stuff!

another itching logic question is how to get multiple colors next to each other with minimum bleed

similar, a 3D car game could be made in bitmap charset combination style
the clear screen could render all the gras
render an 8 pixel wide column of gras and duplicate charset style all over the entire screen
on top of this can be drawn software sprites, unlike line interrupt renderers!

Par ToriHino

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11-10-2017, 20:11

ARTRAG wrote:
ToriHino wrote:

They use a TMS 9918 pin compatible replacement, providing (amongst other things) horizontal and vertical scroll registers:

No you are wrong, the video in the first post is a plain tms9918a.

The version with the F18A is this

Yes true you are right, i was referring to the Mario video posted just before. The first video indeed is just a plain tms9918.

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