For sale: MSX turbo-R FS-A1GT

Par remcos

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03-10-2018, 09:48

Tested and still in very good condition. Drive belt was replaced a few months ago. Still in original box and with original manuals. See picture. Also includes mouse and cable to connect to SCART.


  1. - Internal 110v power supply was replaced by a 220/230V power supply.
  2. - RAM was upgraded to 1MB
  3. - A switch was added to switch to 40Mhz in R800 mode.

Price: 975 euro excl. shipping.
It was a tough decision to sell this great machine, but I prefer someone having fun with it instead of having it just collecting dust on my attic.

For pictures, see: Marktplaats

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Par Latok

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03-10-2018, 19:02

The author of Moonblaster selling his MSX. Probably the one where the opl4 versions were programmed on?

I know it's not my business, but it has been in that attic for 15 years already, why sell now? You had a special youth because of this thing. Even if you would never use it again, it's part of you Smile

Par Pac

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03-10-2018, 19:30

Yes, sad when you see MSX gurus decide to get rid of their MSX stuff... It is as if MSX itself lost something. Sad

Par remcos

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04-10-2018, 10:48

Guys, I understand the sentiment but I left the scene already in 97/98. I have some great memories of the years before that and those memories are part of me. The actual machine not so much. I never touched it since 98 and keeping it boxed for another 20 years or so is just a waste. I am not (and never was) a a collector. This machine is in very good condition and should become part of a nice collection and /or go to an MSX-enthusiast who is still actively enjoying it.

Oh, and yes, this is the MSX that I used to develop MoonBlaster for MoonSound on.

So, anyone interested in making an offer? Smile

Par evulopah

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04-10-2018, 15:17

Hi Remco, how have you been lately Smile Long time no see, visited you and Coen a few times at your parents place a very looooong time ago Smile

Par remcos

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06-10-2018, 08:34


Par Gradius2

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21-10-2018, 04:06

remcos wrote:
  1. - Internal 110v power supply was replaced by a 220/230V power supply.

ALL old japanese stuff is always 100V, *NOT* 110V.

Par Manuel

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23-10-2018, 00:05

So, who bought it?