coils for HB-f-500

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18-10-2018, 06:11

hello all
I got an HB-F500 and the cartridge doors don't have the coil in the back that makes them close automatically when carts are removed. Any ideas where I could find anything similar to that? I actually had one here but it is basically too strong and it can break the hinges if I force it too much.
Any help is appreciated!

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Par T.R.

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18-10-2018, 15:10

Do you mean a torsion spring hinge? You can try to search aliexpress with that term. Perhaps it's hard to find the exact type/size/strength, though. Some suppliers accept custom orders, with varying prices and minimum order numbers.

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18-10-2018, 17:16

My experience with sony 700 (almost the same machine, case wise) is that they die easily lately... Finding a donor machine for those springs could be possible. Try RepairBas. He probably has donorparts. I concider a case a donor part as well.

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18-10-2018, 18:52

Thanks guys, yes it is a torsion spring hinge. I've asked Bas and he is checking for me. If anyone else comes across anything that could work let me know! The cartridge doors are so light that it is hard to find a model that fits