Copying DSK files to HxC (USB)

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16-11-2018, 07:23

Hi there
I recently purchased a DM Systems Floppy Emulator - Model FE-1000HXC and installed it on a HB-F900. I am pretty sure the cables are fine since I can see the green light flashing when I try to list files. However, I cannot transfer actual DSK images to the USB stick. I tried copying the files directly, I tried using the HxCFloppyEmulator (maybe I am using it incorrectly? I "load" image, the "export" it to the USB stick) but none of them show as available on the drive. If I include AUTOBOOT.HFE and HXCSDFE.CFG files the drive seems to load Autoboot.HFE but I get "Disk Offline" if I try to list the files.
Any help here? I am simply trying to transfer any DSK file to a USB stick and have it available on the MSX.

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Par jvaltane

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16-11-2018, 11:04

HxC firmware does not really support MSX DSK images. Advertising is bit misleading. You have to convert DSK files to HFE format.

I think converter:
...if you are using Linux you can use command line version.

There is no selector software for MSX (AUTOBOOT.HFE). You have to put floppy emulator to 'Normal' or 'Indexed' mode. See usage documentation from firmware update package.

So called 'Normal mode' is probably easiest to test. Just put HFE files to empty FAT32 formatted USB-stick, do not copy AUTOBOOT.HFE. Select HFE-image using lcd and buttons of floppyemulator-device.

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16-11-2018, 16:43

Thanks a lot! I looked everywhere for this info and could not find it... everything works well now! On a related item, my initial idea was to have a regular floppy disk as A: and the HxC as B:. However, it looks like a lot of DSK images have hardcoded to look for files on drive A:. Should I switch my setup here and use the HxC as A:?

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16-11-2018, 18:21

Yeah, software can only boot from the first drive as far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong). Also only few multi-disk games look for disks in the B: drive as well. A second drive is not really that useful I think in general, we used to have an NMS8250 with a 2nd drive fitted, but we barely used it, only for copying data between disks.

It’s a bit of a shame as well though if you only have a disk drive as B:. Maybe a switch is possible?