Special MSX joystick, what might it be for?

Par Argon

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04-06-2019, 15:06

I recently obtained this joystick with an MSX lot.
Does anyone care to guess what the extra box is for?

When I set those 2 switches up, the LED's start working.
I haven't figured out the logic of it all yet, but maybe someone here knows this mod?


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Par tvalenca

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04-06-2019, 15:21

autofire maybe?

Par Argon

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04-06-2019, 17:14

Nah, the LED activity seems to be related to movement.
And I think the round controls are for setting a delay, but I'm not sure I will test it later.

Par Danjovic

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04-06-2019, 17:51

Can you open it and take some photos? Autofire would be my guess, selectable for both buttons - original joystick button and the smaller one added (modded) later.

Par ray2day

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04-06-2019, 19:33

Looks more like a selfmade Arkanoid controller;