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Par santiontanon

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25-11-2020, 22:53

I agree with Manuel and Grauw. Every single time that I've started working on a project by creating custom editors/tools, the project dies before I even get to start working on the game. General purpose editors + custom scripts in Java/Python is the way it has always worked for me, allowing me to work directly on the game from day 1.

Par thegeps

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26-11-2020, 01:05

I agree. I'm thinking about learn Python to make conversion tool. During Freedom Fighter developement I had to do all data conversions manually: all gfx data exported from Magellan as assembly data, and all the maps from tiled (I wonder why tiles values don't match from program to saved tmx file open with a text editor). And it is actually a pain, because I decided to do a physical version and so I'll modify/add gfx due to large amount of unexpected room...

Par Metalion

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26-11-2020, 15:17

thegeps wrote:

I agree. I'm thinking about learn Python to make conversion tool.

I learned Python in 2 weeks last September because I was needing a conversion tool from MIDI files to a proprietary format I'm using on MSX. Very easy to learn and to use. Highly recommended.

Par Manuel

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26-11-2020, 22:23

Highly recommended indeed! I use Python all the time for such tasks. And more.

Par thegeps

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27-11-2020, 00:57

Cool. Cannyou suggest me manuals/books?

Par Bengalack

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28-11-2020, 16:57

For python, google is your friend ("python tutorial" or similar) There are so many snippets of code around. You can also test them online, like here:

Python has steadily been increasing in popularity, and right now it also seems like the preferred language for datascientists. And because of big data and iot, datascience is booming. All this is pretty cool. As a side note (on the side note), it might seem crazy, but Python creator Guido van Rossum joins Microsoft :-) Then again. Microsoft is *not* the company it once was. In a good way :)

Par mohai

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01-12-2020, 19:15

Thank you all for the advices.
Maybe I should start working with something like Tiled or Magellan and stick to the format they use.
Maybe python is a good idea to make conversion tools in a simple way. Maybe I will give a try. Who knows?

But, in this case I have half work done, as I am re-using some routines I did for other project and, by now, my program can load some graphic formats, extract the patterns and check if TMS color format is OK.
I will add some quick and dirty options, such as meta-tiles, pattern statistics, scroll emulation and patter transitions.
After that, a simple RAW or tokenized file will be generated.

As I said, I would like to do a complete tile editor, as that would be very useful for me but, first I will stick to a single conversion tool I need to start testing the scroll routines I did.

Par Wolverine_nl

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02-12-2020, 09:49

I am busy with a map editor, tiles I create in Photoshop and convert them into screen5 bitmaps.
Now busy with the palette part, it should be named the same and auto-load when loading the file into vram in the map editor. the map layout can be saved and loaded again. It is for MSXDOS.
I think using Tiled in combo with scripts for conversion is also a good way to go, but I like the exploring stuff when trying to create it from scratch.

Par albs_br

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25-09-2021, 04:32

+1 for Tiled with custom scripts. It's saving me a lot of time on creating Go Penguin Levels.

Par Bengalack

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25-09-2021, 09:10

Good to hear. Me too.

I'm finding new ways of using the tool as I go along too. Just a lot of small things that makes you super-effecient. I can make a pretty cool level in minutes.

What is really saving time (from debugging) is to have those extra checks in the level-script. I have a bunch of constraints for the game to operate correctly, like placements, valid connections, amount of objecttypes, etc. A large set of proper checks in the scripts makes the development progress fast and effective.

I'm going to donate! Smile

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