MOAI-TECH #10 online magazine

MOAI-TECH #10 online magazine

par Pac on 21-01-2021, 01:26
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The 10th issue of this online magazine has just been released.

MOAI-TECH includes a variety of articles including several game reviews about latest releases, opinion articles, interviews and tips & tricks section. It also includes a complete media player and launcher for MSX game music, videos, screen shots, covers and games via WebMSX. Note that texts are written in Spanish language only.

Game reviews:

  • Caravan Boomer
  • La Reliquia
  • Relevo's Snowboarding
  • SHMUP! Kai
  • Singular Stone
  • Wizard of Wor
  • Zorrico
  • Yaksa


  • Alberto del Hoyo Nebot (MSXVR developer)
  • Majed (aka Gloriou, MSX user from Saudi Arabia)
  • Manel Villegas (team member of Mapax group)
  • Mstz80ax (Japanese MSX music composer and coder)

Relevant link: MOAI-TECH #10

Commentaires (3)

Par Gloriou

Master (204)

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21-01-2021, 11:31

Thank you friends for your dedication and hardwork.
Long live the MSX!

Par sergarbes

Expert (115)

Portrait de sergarbes

21-01-2021, 13:33

Great job MOAI-TECH team! Smile

Par Alakran69

Resident (35)

Portrait de Alakran69

21-01-2021, 16:50

Great content as usual! good work MOAI-TECH LOL!

PS. Nice tool there used by Murakata Tohji