MSX Floppy Disk Manager is a nice disk tool developed by Takkun Soft which lets us work with floppy disk images on Microsoft Windows environment. The development of this software started in April 2019 with the Alpha version, after some releases and with the help from the MSX community regarding language support, this sofware has evolved to the current version.

The main features are:

  • Windows7/8/8.1/10.
  • .NET Framework Version 4.7.2 or higher.
  • DSK-->FD and FD-->DSK operations.
  • Both MSX-DOS and MSX-DOS2 formats supported.
  • 1DD/2DD/SAV (MSX PLAYer).
  • 2DD real floppy disk format.
  • Multilingual support (Japanese, English, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish). Language is set automatically.

Relevant link: MSX Floppy Disk Manager download at Takkun Soft's blog
Relevant link: Takkun Soft on Twitter

Commentaires (13)

Par TheKid

Paragon (1238)

Portrait de TheKid

05-03-2021, 23:53

hmm, 404 on the download link..

Par Pac

Scribe (7007)

Portrait de Pac

06-03-2021, 00:07

Already fixed.

Par TheKid

Paragon (1238)

Portrait de TheKid

06-03-2021, 00:10

That's super fast Smile Thanx

Par Gloriou

Master (204)

Portrait de Gloriou

07-03-2021, 18:40

Awesome, Thank you Smile

Par sergarbes

Expert (115)

Portrait de sergarbes

15-10-2021, 11:53

I have been unable to use it on a Windows 10. I am going to try again Question

Par sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3951)

Portrait de sdsnatcher73

15-10-2021, 13:52

It’s not always working on the first try but it always works in the end for me (on Windows 10).

Par sure54

Supporter (8)

Portrait de sure54

01-01-2022, 19:44

Can anybody confirm if it works with external usb drives?

Par Paulo Garcia

Rookie (18)

Portrait de Paulo Garcia

22-02-2022, 05:22

Can someone tell me what doesn't work? For me, when I try to copy a disk image to the external USB device, it says the device is not ready or cannot be accessed...

Par Taku

Supporter (4)

Portrait de Taku

13-04-2022, 13:15

Did it work?
If it doesn’t work, please tell me error message.

Par Taku

Supporter (4)

Portrait de Taku

13-04-2022, 13:20

Please tell me the model of FDD

Par Taku

Supporter (4)

Portrait de Taku

13-04-2022, 13:25

Hi, Yes, maybe. It's depends on Floppy disk drive model.
Thank you for your interest.

Par l_oliveira

Hero (534)

Portrait de l_oliveira

30-04-2022, 07:48

Mitsumi USB FDD 061M

All worked ok. Windows 7 64bit.

Par Taku

Supporter (4)

Portrait de Taku

30-04-2022, 11:56

I’m relieved to hear that.
Does it works on Windows10 your PC?