VGA->SCART cable for OCM (SX-2)

Par janghang

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04-10-2021, 01:48

I tried to connect my SX-2 to 15khz RGB monitor using a vga to scart cable ( but my monitor doesn't show anything. Can anybody let me know how I can connect OCM to old RGB monitors?

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Par gdx

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04-10-2021, 10:00

Verify if your adapter is really RGB. Cheap SCART adapters often use only the composite video signal.

Par sdsnatcher73

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04-10-2021, 10:25

There can be 2 issues here

1. the pinout of this VGA to SCART cable may be incompatible with OCMs
2. Your monitor may require a 5V on pin 8 to select RGB input

Both issues are resolved if you get this cable. It has the correct pinout for OCM and allows adding a 9V battery to supply the 5V signal to your monitor so it selects the RGB signals over the composite signals (which are not connected with these cables).