SC-3000/SG-1000 support

Par SiRioKD

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16-03-2022, 09:25

Hi, I saw some piece of code for SC-3000 PPI into the source, but I cannot see an option to select these Sega machine as option of OpenMsx. Is this machine support available or is it only in development stage?


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Par Manuel

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16-03-2022, 10:49

SG-1000 is available in the latest development builds (since about Feb 1). SC-3000 is prepared but not finished and no machine configuration has been added yet.

Par thegeps

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16-03-2022, 11:08


I have a friend really active on SEGA SG-1000/SC-3000 community (he codes and build hardware too). If OpenMSX team need support/info/help I can put you in touch. Let me know

Par mth

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16-03-2022, 13:58

Yes, it would be very useful if someone could verify how we implemented it. I have never even seen the real hardware, so the entire implementation is based on things I found online, which might be good enough for the SG-1000 as that is a relatively simple machine, but the SC-3000 is more complex.

People interested can contact us via IRC or Discord, or mail Manuel and me.