Cartridge is not detected - Sanyo AX370

Par alali.ahmed.t

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16-12-2022, 18:20

Something went wrong with my AX370, It doesn't run any cartridge. So, I started troubleshooting and I installed the C-BIOS and it showed no cartridge detected

When I tried to run Carnivore2 on the MSX2+ rom, it shows at booting under the MSX2+ logo that the RAM something crazy like 8770 KB !!

I checked the lines to cartridge all the way from the MSX engine but no problem in connectivity. Any other tip?

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Par SkalTura

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21-12-2022, 14:44

Did you measure the voltage +12v / -12v / 5v on the cartridge slot ?
Or try holding the CTRL during startup to go into "international mode".

Par crisag

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21-12-2022, 19:44

I've seen crazy numbers with memory if you have shorts on specific memory related pins/pads. I would also check with the multimeter in continuity mode if you have any shorts on the cartridge slot. Also open it and perform a inspection for rust and for anything that conducts electricity possibly stuck inside there.

If you find rust you may have tracks or contacts not working ok. Perform a cleaning on the region with a anti-rust (appropriate for electronics) solution. Depending on what you find you may need a repair/replacement of the slot or rebuild of a few tracks/pads.

Par alali.ahmed.t

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28-12-2022, 03:06

Thank you for the feedback. I can read 5V and 12V just fine. I started to have problem on RAM too. I will desolder the RAM board (512KB updgrade) and see if Carnivore2 will start it. I will be able to try after few weeks. I already left home to travel overseas. I will also give the shift while booting a try.