NMS 8280 and internal Hard Disk

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Par Fernecho

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21-04-2009, 22:27

I have a NMS 8280, and looking for the net has found out that Philips had make a prototype called NMS 8260, the same as the 8255 and the 8280 but without Disk Drives and with a hard disk SASI of 20 Mb.

I have disassembled my 8280, and I have located a place for a connector of 40 pines, this located beside the switch of the F-Disk A / B

My question is if it is possible to connect a hard Disk to that connector, of being so hard disk type (I believe to have read that SASI is the principle of the SCSI).

If somebody knows something of the topic, please comment it here.

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Par Sd-Snatcher

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21-04-2009, 22:55

There are cheapest solutions: both SCSI and IDE for a hard disk an a lot of flash card alternatives.

Par Fernecho

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21-04-2009, 23:22

Thank you for your quick answer friend.

My question on that connector is only for curiosity, I have a cartridge of SunRise CF ATA-IDE and the cartridge of GRAPHICS 9000.
It was single curiosity,
Thank you, Lisardo.

Par Jipe

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22-04-2009, 10:10

this connector is for kanji extension but not used in 8250 8255 8280

Par Fernecho

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22-04-2009, 12:01

Thank you jipe.

Certain that the motherboard is made by SANYO, and it is possible that it is an expansion for that purpose.

I have also found this post that he says as adding a third Slot in that connector, the MY

es.msx.org/forumtopic9013.html, is very interesting.

Greetings, Lisardo

Par Erikie

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22-04-2009, 12:32

if you add a third slot to this connector you can hook up your CF reader and make it internal.
CF reader works fine in this config Smile

Par Fernecho

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22-04-2009, 20:30

Hello Erikie .

It is a very good idea, I have 2 cartridges CF ATA-IDE, then I can install one in the NMS 8280, in the place of an unit of F-disk, and they are this way the connectors toward the exterior, to be able to use several compactflash.
The other cartridge CF ATA-IDE I use it with an TurboR A1ST , and with the GRAPHICS 9000 Cartridge.

Images of MY connector and NMS 8280 MotherBoard.

Connector MY 40 Pins

MotherBoard NMS 8280

Many Thanks for your suggestion.

Par Repair-Bas

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22-04-2009, 21:37

The switch is the Service-switch.
Nothing to do with drives

Par flyguille

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22-04-2009, 22:10


looks that wires! tipical wires from sanyo in every electro-domestic device!

Par Fernecho

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23-04-2009, 12:23

Hello Repair-Bas.

You have the whole reason, it is my error, I apologize for the confusion that could give to all.

The switch doesn't exchange the F-Disks

best regards, Lisardo

Par Fernecho

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23-04-2009, 13:01

Well Flyguille not you that you laugh, you make fun of the Wires?, don't you like their color? don't you like their aspect?.

I don't understand your comment, for that date 1986-87-88, they were the components that there was, only you have to disassemble such an old computer as this NMS 8280, and you will realize that almost all the marks use the same wires, integrated circuits, memoirs etc, etc, etc.

Does it compare the size of the batterie with those that there is today, it compares the Golf GTI V with the Golf GTI I, notes the difference?, but that is not to throw to laugh at the First Golf GTI.

I can make sure that today in day (2009) this computer works as the first day that he buys it (1988), the digitizer, the superimpose the F-Disk, the keyboard and the mouse .
Then my friend, explain to me because you laugh at some wires that make their work perfectly, give me a good explanation, to have if I also laugh.

Best regards, Lisardo.

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