Quarth for the Game Boy.

par MSX Resource Center on 18-10-2009, 21:10
Sujet: Japan 1998

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Commentaires (3)

Par anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

Portrait de anonymous

26-10-2004, 02:36

I have the European version Smile

Par BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

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26-10-2004, 10:55

Yeah, so do I. Never had the competition with the goods to play a 2-player game though :/

Par Samor

Prophet (2225)

Portrait de Samor

26-10-2004, 11:08

I believe I had it in a 60-in-1 gameboy cart .... ahem.

anyway; I prefer the MSX version; heck, I prefer the MSX version over the arcade one!