MSX software is best enjoyed in...

RGB on a TV or CRT monitor (50 votes) 54.9%
Emulation baby, emulation... (15 votes) 16.5%
CVBS (composite video) on a TV or CRT monitor (16 votes) 17.6%
SVHS or Upscan converter on a TFT screen or Plasma (10 votes) 11.0%
Votes totaux : 91

Commentaires (24)

Par snout

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27-04-2011, 18:47

Wow, I'm surprised to see good old RGB do so well. I thought I was the only one... Wink

Par meits

Scribe (6508)

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27-04-2011, 22:25

It's an easy win... The outcome will not be so spectacular as the fray vs zaad poll Wink

Par wolf_

Ambassador_ (9970)

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28-04-2011, 08:58

I'd have expected emulation with monitor simulation (scanlines, blur, afterglow etc.) to score more points. Boy am I glad I've barely a reason to look at my old MSX monitor anymore.. Tongue


Enlighted (5938)

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28-04-2011, 19:08

Can I vote for "bar" here?

Par Sander

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30-04-2011, 08:47

Nice one! Cool

Par Daemos

Paragon (1970)

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01-05-2011, 11:44

Basicly anything that is not CRT/TV jags the hell out of me. CRT/TV is fast responsive and reminds me of the good old days. O did I allready mention Duck hunt.... Wink

Par cax

Prophet (3738)

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01-05-2011, 22:59

My MSX is connected to 50" plasma TV using RGB SCART. What should I choose ?

Par hap

Paragon (2040)

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01-05-2011, 23:25

Emulation baby, emulation...

Par konamiman

Paragon (1173)

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03-05-2011, 09:44

Sony Trinitron forever!

Par Manuel

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03-05-2011, 20:52

konamiman: oh yeah! I love my Sony KX-14CP1 Smile

Par Kanarie

Rookie (21)

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04-05-2011, 13:13

I'm viewing my MSX on a 13" laptop screen using a Pinnacle USB TV stick. It's small, blurry, and slightly delayed, but terribly convenient :-)

Par snout

Ascended (15187)

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04-05-2011, 17:23

Way to go, NYYRIKKI, this is quite what I had in mind with the drastically failed MSX around the world contest. Ahwell...

Par muffie

Paladin (933)

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11-05-2011, 17:23

Nothing can beat emulation with those hq2x, hq3x scalers on a IPS Panel modern flat monitor...
BTW, someone knows a photoshop filter/irfanview plugin or something to manually apply those filters to bitmaps?

Par TheWhipMaster

Expert (120)

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18-05-2011, 12:37

A Sony KX27 with multi video 8 din connector still the best for me

Par alexito

Paladin (752)

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20-05-2011, 17:25

My Sony Trinitron PVM2030 (20" Screen Anaglog RGB) is the best.


Par Samor

Prophet (2148)

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23-06-2011, 19:16

I only use MSX via emulation nowadays (because it's simply way more convenient),
but purely visually speaking I still prefer RGB SCART (not just for MSX, but for pretty much every console/home computer before the current generation of consoles).

Par LeoM

Master (229)

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27-07-2011, 14:58

And now... 3 months after the beginning of this Poll I think the outcome is clear. Maybe it's time for a new poll???

Par meits

Scribe (6508)

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27-07-2011, 16:41

Philips CM8833 Big smile

Par Gradius2

Hero (641)

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07-08-2011, 03:01

Well, I run by XRGB3 @ 1080p ;-)

Par Louthrax

Prophet (2414)

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13-02-2020, 23:03

A Sofa Wink

Par Grauw

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13-02-2020, 23:35

I wonder if the poll were repeated now, if we would get very different results.

Par Wlcracks

Champion (470)

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14-02-2020, 10:07

I am missing "original legacy hardware" and "new/one chip/fpga hardware" in the poll. A good small composite monitor doesn't have to be a disadvantage, but for me nothing can beat the look and feel of the real original hardware . But maybe i am old.
For developing software emulators are great.
Why not start the poll again?

Par Pencioner

Scribe (1502)

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14-02-2020, 10:54

Grauw wrote:

I wonder if the poll were repeated now, if we would get very different results.

Because of OSSC? Wink

Par tfh

Prophet (3199)

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14-02-2020, 12:54

Pencioner wrote:
Grauw wrote:

I wonder if the poll were repeated now, if we would get very different results.

Because of OSSC? Wink

And maybe the use of emulation on mobile devices?