What do you do with the big pills in Pac Man?

Eat Joey, Paul, Willy and Franky (15 votes) 40.5%
Eat the other pills in peace (8 votes) 21.6%
Run Naked in a Field of Flowers (14 votes) 37.8%
Votes totaux : 37

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Par muffie

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15-09-2009, 15:33

What about this thread?
LSD is allowed in all Holland? Someone can plz prevent Wolf to use it before creating polls?

Par JohnHassink

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16-09-2009, 03:19

Hey muffie,
strange ideas which seem cool during the 'high' are normally for the marijuana or the alcohol (talking about BAAAAAD drugs: the latter one. So are coffee and sugar, but that's a completely different story).
I don't know exactly what LSD does to a person(*), but I don't think the effect will grant you to create anything at all. Smile

I know you are making jokes, but you mean something with the stuff you say, also.
For me it's BOTH the same!!! Big smile

LSD is illegal in the Netherlands, as is cocaine, heroine, etc.,
like in every normal country in the Western world which has never heard of, or discarded the notion of own responsibility.

Don't you worry, we'll have the same hypocrite drugs laws for quite a while.
Thanks to those sweet, War-Messiah worshipin' abrahamic religionists and socialists (a.k.a. crypto-fascists)!
Oh! I LOVE them SO much, I want to cuddle them to death! Oh yeah!


So if it's drugs, it can be anything, but I know the guy is far, very far from a druggie.
If there is one MSX guy you can trust to be sober, it's _wolf. Srsly.
...so I suspect, this newspost, it's all due to _wolf's natural high. Wink God bless.

(* because I have not tried because I distrust corporate chemicals in my blood and that's why I don't take aspirines. Yes, I did a little bit of cocaine in my wilder years, decades ago, and maybe so did you, I came to the conclusion, avoid it Wink)

(I know, maybe I should've taken this stuff to "Social Talk", but when concerning drugs and my beloved NL, well, just get me started Wink)

Par JohnHassink

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16-09-2009, 03:54

Oh yeah, on topic:

Ofcourse you'll try to eat as many ghosts as you can if they are near.
For the rest you eat the pills in peace.
Pac-Man never was that hard.

Par PingPong

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16-09-2009, 12:26

What a kind of SERIUS POLL... Tongue

Par nikodr

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17-09-2009, 17:28

i remember one pac game in my msx where it had some digitized voices.Does anyone remember which one it was?

Par hap

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17-09-2009, 18:42

yes, "Oh Shit", it's the one with Joey, Paul, Willy and Franky

Par viejo_archivero

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21-09-2009, 06:07

poll: O_o;...

Par RetroTechie

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21-09-2009, 14:24

Always makes me grin: when asked what she thought of Pac-Man, a girl once said she was shocked, "because it was the only game where she had to eat her enemies". So worse than say, a FPS where you 'just' kill them. LOL!LOL! Strictly speaking she was right tho, eating your enemies is a gruesome task for players Crazy

Another fun fact is that in the original arcade version, each ghost has their own behaviour. One will always follow you, one will try to go the same direction as you, one will wander randomly, etc. And although it appears unpredictable, it's calculated. Some folks have used that to work out safe, fixed routes for each level so you can reach incredible scores if you manage to (joy)stick to them. Would be fun to try that on an original arcade machine some time Wink

Btw. does anyone know if this holds true for Namco's MSX port of Pac-Man? Or other popular platform's version?

Par boblet

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01-10-2009, 03:28

no option for "WOAH, MY HANDS ARE SO BIG"?
Running Naked in a Field of Flowers