Tein Minä Sitten Demon BASIC:llä (=~So I did a demo on BASIC)
Demo compo 1st on Vammalaparty 19, Pelikonepeijaiset 11
System requirements: MSX tR

teinminasittendemonbasiclla.zip140.78 KB2113週 4日 前

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By mars2000you

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06-08-2013, 20:46

Can also be runned on MSX2+ if you remove line 90 in AUTOEXEC.BAS ! Of course, it's less impressive ....

By nitrofurano

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17-08-2013, 15:49

i'm curious about what Nyyrikki can do with Boriel's ZX-Basic Compiler! Wink (maybe recoding this demo into a .rom file?)

By nitrofurano

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17-08-2013, 16:20

btw, where from can we get a running/bootable .dsk with it? (not talking about zipped folder with content)

By Lord_Zett

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20-07-2017, 13:52

downloaded it and lets read the basiC Big smile