Introducing myself brand as a brand new member :)

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By Daemos

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09-01-2011, 16:29

Hi all and greetings,

I have been watching this forum allready for a long time and today I have finally decided to join in and hope to learn and share my knowledge with all of you in the future.

How I got into MSX is quite a funny story but since I have a day off I will take my time to write the fun story to you. When I was a kid (now don't tell me you didn't saw that one coming) My dad bought from the Philips personel shop a brand new Philips NMS8250 computer which at that time was quite something. I have literaly played the life out of the machine destroying nearly 3 joysticks to get zanac ai to finish and a additional joystick to win kings valley but in 1991 the PC came and the MSX caught into dust and was standing as an icon of history on my desk until the age of 12. So it was proposed to sell the MSX and yeah at the age of 12 you agree but when we left the guy we sold it to, I immediatly knew I was screwed. Selling that was not worth the 50 guilders at the time but ohw well history cannot be rewritten. 5 Years later the kids destroyed the MSX Crying so buying it back was no option and so everything was forgotten.

Offcourse one decenium later I downloaded blueMSX for fun and started searching and dowloading programs learning there was more into MSX then I ever knew about. Offcourse after the switch to linux I kept using blueMSX under wine then found out about openMSX. Because of the switch I learned that the familiar blue bootup screen with the MSX logo was found on the philips NMS8250/55/80 series so I just typed the name into marktplaats just for fun to see if one is for sale. When i saw the advertisement about a 8255 I quickly closed the browser window but it was too late Tongue I tried not to respond for about two days but I simply coudn't resist myself making the phone call.

Well that was about 3 weeks ago and now I own a philips NMS8255 again Wink The actual intention was to use it as a learning project to get even deeper into electronics and so the poor machine now has a V9958 installed, improved composite graphics and major improvements on its internal soundmixer. I offcourse needed to fix the floppy drives readjust all the trimmers. Test for faulty parts etc etc etc.

So I decided to buy the megaflashrom and that was certainly not an mistake Smile and some repainting on the outside to get rid of the ugly scratches and offcourse adding v9958 to the specs in front I now use the MSX for playing games.

However, There is something else being very fun about the MSX and that is programming. Actually that is even more fun then playing the games and that is the part of the story I hope to learn from you guys Wink

Offcourse I will try to share my elektronic knowledge as a fair trade back.

You can guess I am from the netherlands which has surprisingly many MSX people. We even have a MSX club but its a kinda long drive for now.

Long introduction and a long story but I hope you enjoy reading it. I have no experiences with forums so bear with my mistakes.


By texasmsxcollector

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19-12-2012, 09:10

Hello, I am a new member to this awesome website. I currently live in Dallas, Texas USA. I hope to learn and share alot. I hope I meet alot of cool people around the globe.

By Huey

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19-12-2012, 09:26


As you're probably a collector (looking at you nick) I have one advice; Take some time (weeks/months) before buying stuff. A lot of people are asking way too high prices. Best way is to watch ebay en see what does and what doesn't sell. Most stuff ends up without bids or go unsold. Try to only go for open auctions (starting low).
Also some items aren't as rare as they make them to be Wink

By texasmsxcollector

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19-12-2012, 09:49


Yeah, I am a collector. I have been a collector of games and consoles since I was a kid, but sadly I sold a lot of things over the years, but for the past 6 years I have started to amass my collection again. I am 29 years old now, and I have been collecting everything from first generation games/consoles to fifth generation. I have mainly been collecting NES, Mega Drive, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Turbo Grafx 16/ NEC PC Engine, Neo-Geo/SNK carts & memorabilia, 3do, CD-i, Sega Saturn, and just rare and uncommon games and consoles. I really like collecting video game store displays such as neon signs, original store console kiosks, and promotional items. ( I just sold a Pokemon Snap Station kiosk which were exclusive to Blockbuster Video stores in America) I'm new to the world of collecting MSX / MSX 2 and can't wait to enjoy the finds and treasures out there. I also like to collect Laser Disc movies, C.E.D. vinyl movies, rare VHS, and rare, out of print, and hard to find DVD's of Horror films, Film Noir, lots of classic British horror films such as Hammer, Amicus, Tyburn, and I also like to read Retro gaming magazines. I'm also a sucker for classic game/hardware shirts. So that is a little bit of background info to share with the community about myself, I hope I didn't bore anybody with all of my rambling.

By Turrebo

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20-12-2012, 10:37


To my knowledge, MSX never really caught on in the States, so how did MSX caught your interest? Just being curious.

By Capitan_Goto

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20-12-2012, 16:18

You are wellcome Texas !

By SkyeWelse

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20-12-2012, 21:43

Nice to meet you TexasMSXCollector,

I too am a hardcore video game collector from the States, only I'm GeorgiaMSXCollector. : )

And Turrebo is right, MSX never really did catch on in the U.S. I wish it had! For me I became interested in the MSX fairly soon after Metal Gear Solid had been released. I was fighting Grey Fox in the Iconic Ninja battle and remembered Grey Fox from Metal Gear on the NES being someone you had to rescue, so I instantly made the connection. But then, as the fight progressed and led to fist fighting, Grey Fox mentions to Snake that he remembers the fight they once had long ago...

This struck me as odd, since I never had a recollection of Snake fighting Grey Fox before. So I researched this more and found out that there was a REAL Metal Gear 2, different from the Metal Gear 2: Snakes Revenge for NES that we received where Big Boss comes back as a futuristic cyborg terminator. Nope, this one for us was the missing "secret" but official Metal Gear sequel we never received and through emulation at the time, it could finally be enjoyed in English! So that was my first experience with MSX was playing Solid Snake and I loved every second of it and from there I only wanted to check out more MSX titles and I really got into the Xak series and Fray also via emulation. Wasn't until earlier this year that I even had any actual MSX hardware, and now I play exclusively on MSX hardware. : )


By Maggoo

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21-12-2012, 03:26

Another MSX fan in Georgia? Looks like there are a few of us these days!

By SkyeWelse

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21-12-2012, 16:17

Hello Maggoo,

That's awesome. What are the odds of that. : ) Whereabouts in Georgia do you live? I live in the Alpharetta area and work in Norcross.

Anyhow, always nice to meet a fellow local MSX fan as I can't say I've ever met another MSX fan that lives even remotely close to where I live. I'm lucky enough to know of one or two Ys/Falcom fans in my area and I thought that was pretty rare as well!


By enribar

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21-12-2012, 19:11

Please, do as much as you can to promote MSX in the U.S., it's never too late Wink
Some ideas? A little retro-tecnology "Expo" in a school!
Or maybe with some advertising on local newspaper Nishi

By Turrebo

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22-12-2012, 12:51

enribar wrote:

Please, do as much as you can to promote MSX in the U.S., it's never too late Wink
Some ideas?

* Handing out USB flash drives with BlueMSX pre-installed + a bunch of the best games.
* Design a T-shirt: "I played Metal Gear before you were born", with a big MSX logo under that.
* Paint a huge MSX logo on your van (buy a van first if you don't have one), underneath that just

The expo is a nice idea (call it the '8-bit awareness week'). I've got an Edge Magazine issue called "Retro", which mentions all important home computer and game systems of that era, complete with a list of collectable hard- and software.

Unfortunately MSX is not mentioned, but if you love 8-bit and 16-bit machines, that issue is well worth checking out (for a picture of the cover check out ).

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