Life on Mars remake and future MSX 2 projects

By Kai Magazine

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31-01-2017, 19:10

Hi everyone!
I would like to ask for your help;
As many of you know my personal and economical situation is less than good.
I am trying to raise funds in order to be able to survive for several months and this finish all the MSX projects I have on the way:
-Highway fighter (for msx2
-The first colony (arcade game with a Cabal/blood bros/wild guns) for msx2 and msx2 + gfx9000
-Life on Mars 2: "UNSS BARCELONA" for msx2 and msx2 + gfx9000
-And yet another secret project I cannot reveal at this moment.

For this reason, 6 weeks ago I started developing a remake of Life on Mars for PC, with hopes of raising enough money so I can work on all the projects I have in hand for several months.
This remake has fully remade graphics, maps and playability, bigger maps, more areas, more abilities, more storyline, final bosses, etc.
I just need 2 or 3 months more to finish it.
I started a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo for the pruppose of raising enough funds so I can keep working on all my projects for several months.
There are videos, animated gifs and there is a playable demo as well:

The project is also on Steam Greenlight so I would very much appreciate if you upvoted the project ;)

As some of you might know already I have been doing tests with the graphics 9000 (v9990) and I managed to recreate almost identical graphics as in the REMAKE.
AS a matter of fact, on December 24 I posted a video showing an MSX2 with GFX9000 reproducing the beginning of the REMAKE:

As a matter of fact, I started doing the Life on Mars 2 v9990 version before I even thought of doing a PC remake.
So, all the new graphics, musics and enemy designs of the remake will be used for the Life on MArs 2 msx version.

All those are long projects and I need time and money to finish them.
This is why I need to raise some money (not much, just to bare minimum to stay alive) so I can continue developing all the projects.

Please help me, either by supporting the Remake, by creating awareness of the project by sharing the links via facebook, witter, whatsapp, email, etc. and/or by upvoting the game on Steam Greenlight.

Thank you everyone for your attention and support!


By santiontanon

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31-01-2017, 19:38

Always happy to support good MSX projects, so, backed on IndieGoGo, and upvoted in Steam Greenlight Smile

By Kai Magazine

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31-01-2017, 22:36

Thank you very much!

By journey

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01-02-2017, 06:52

Same for me, backed on IndieGoGo! Smile


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01-02-2017, 10:10

I'm in

By Kai Magazine

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01-02-2017, 16:01

Thank you very much, guys!
Really, thank you!

By Albert Pieter Dotinga

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01-02-2017, 16:33

Looks fantastic...

By Randam

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01-02-2017, 20:19

I'm not much of a pc gamer but the game looks really nice. Is there some other way I can already support you for the 4 projects you are working on for MSX?

By Kai Magazine

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02-02-2017, 22:00

Thank you very much!

Actually, the best way to support the other projects is to help me raise funds so I can work on all the projects for several months.
If I cannot raise funds I will have to spend my time looking for other ways to survive, and non related to game developement.
çAt least, this PC remake is useful for the Life on Mars msx2 and msx2+gfx9000 versions, which will have fantastic graphicsthanks to the remake.
In the other hand, Highway Fighter for MSX2 will be released at the end of April (before the LOM remake) so I really need funds to survive for a few months, but I think it is a bit too soon to open a preorder for highway fighter. Maybe in a month or two.
The first colony (cabal style) is to be released on August or early Setember, so it is way too soon to start a preorder campaign.
Life on Mars 2 would be for the end of the year, so...
But thank you for willing to support the other projects in advance!

By Kai Magazine

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03-02-2017, 22:10

Life on Mars is evolving quickly after only 3 days of campaign!
Thank you everyone!