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08-05-2017, 19:42

MSX2+ SONY HB-F1XV full boxed with manuals and disks, very good state.


-All electrolitic caps of the machine replaced by new ones, not only FM mini board, i mean all elec.caps replaced.
-Rubber belt Disk Drive new, replaced
-New keyboard film
-New SRAM 512K installed internaly
-New Z80 CPU 8Mhz (with socket)
-New Fast Bios (with socket)
-Msx Super Turbo 8Mhz instaled
(Slot1 keeps 3,58Mhz, Slot2 is now Turbo Slot at 8Mhz, PSG and FMPAC sounds from machine works without distorsion when Turbo is ON, switch Turbo ON/OFF with led activity instaled on front XV case)
-Dedicated quality stikers and spare ones.
-All tested.


-Megaflashrom 8Mbit, built from Konami original pcb game with original SCC, with 2 Flash 512K fast 70ns, with switch to select positions: 1(Flash1), OFF, 2(Flash2), mini jack pseudostereo out to ear SCC, cristal 3,58Mhz instaled inside cart to can ear SCC sounds perfect meanwhile Turbo ON is active. Dedicated stiker and spare one.

-Ese-Disk 1024K ASCII, built from an original pcb game ASCII, this cart have 1024K built joining 2 SRAMS 512K, you can write/play on SRAM koei games for example up to 1024K, ASCII 8K mapper games and ASCII 16K mapper games, this cart have inside a battery to keep game writen into SRAM (same as ESE-SCC). Compatible Turbo. Dedicated Sticker and spare one.

-Brazilian SD Mapper/Megaram 512K, this cart allow to use 512K mapper, 512K megaram or Disable both selected by jumpers, comes with SD 2G, multimente and software and instructions to test/probe the carts. Compatible Turbo. Dedicated sticker and spare one.

PRICE: Smile2 Smile2 Sad Crying € (shipment include EU)

Pictures? Details? Soon...today at night, or late night. Cool


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09-05-2017, 00:15





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09-05-2017, 04:28


WITHOUT STICKERS (Note that XV frontal original sticker still remains there, custom sticker is placed above it, original is plastified, then you can remove custom sticker and no damage the original, also the other stickers dont damage the case, you can remove them by hand and a little alcohol to clean perfect, here pictures before place custom stickers)


BOX AND MANUALS AND CABLES (cable composite video/audio to 3out rca and cable RGB)

Note: The machine comes with its original japanese PSU transformer, not touched, then you need use a Stepdown converter to 100V, about 100Watios or someting more is enough.This stepdown is not included.

PRICE: 2100€ (i had to put mine price, but i´m open to ear all your offers here or by PM...)

By Piter Punk

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09-05-2017, 04:04


New Fast Bios (with socket)

Hey, what is this Fast BIOS?

By Dhampird

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09-05-2017, 04:18

Hello, is refered to the maskrom bios, now more fast, because original was very slow...In the new bios there is no changes on the code bios, is the same original code, only changes the maskrom type more fast, the code remains untouched if you compare with the original ones.

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09-05-2017, 16:06

STATUS: Wait Payment Process...

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09-05-2017, 19:49


By AxelStone

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09-05-2017, 21:08

Man, a 2100€ MSX sold! MSX comunity is from high class Cool

By hamlet

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09-05-2017, 21:26

Yes man, I´m proud to be upper class.

By Pablibiris

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09-05-2017, 22:41

In this MSX2+...there are TOO MUCH work.
Awesome machine.