Meridian 3.0 beta3. Does not play nothing!

By Edi-73

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18-03-2019, 20:04

Hello everybody!

Well, i have major problem with Meridian 3.0 beta3 software.
I want to play standard midi files, (.mid). But it doesn't work.

Here is my hardware: Panasonic A1ST Turbo-r, memory 256kt. MegaFlashROM SCC+ 512kt cartridge, Nextor 2.1.0 alpha 2 Operating system. FM Blaster Monster sound OPL4 soundcard (1024kt sampleRAM), also i have Original MoonSound OPL4 card (128kt sampleRAM). Philips Music Module NMS-1205.

Thank's my Megaflashrom SCC+, i have 768kt main memory. Free memory before starting meridian, about 650kt.

Meridian starts normally. First i load OPL4_GM1.OPL banks. Midi timer is set OPL4. Then i select midi-file, what i want to play. The program loading the midi file normally. Music does not play forward.

I don't hear nothing. No sound!. I tested several music files etc. .MID .MER .MFM .MBM .MWM. Same result. Sometimes i hear one note, one time, maybe.

I tested two different OPL4 sound module, not helped. Moonblaster FM and Moonblaster Wave software works fine. Robomid+Philips music module+Roland SC-55, works fine also, so no hardware issue.

What i doing wrong? Do i really need two sound devices connected same time? I mean Philips music module and OPL4 MoonSound. If i understand right, meridian support to play standard general MID files, using only Moonsound.
Do i need special OPL4 drivers? My meridian.ini (Driver) line says:

Can anyone help?



By Latok

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23-03-2019, 20:49

Hey, I decided to try Meridian in my turbor:

Works like a charm!

By Edi-73

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20-04-2019, 20:58

Thank’s for answer.

I do the same things as you, but it doesn’t work. What Meridian version you have? And what hardware you have?
I using Nextor OS, maybe my Nextor OS is problem. I must tested Meridian with MSX-DOS.

By Manuel

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20-04-2019, 23:04

In the video I see Nextor 2.10 and Meridian 3.0 beta. And his hardware is a turboR. Need more specifics?