MSX Computers Sold in Greece

By UsagiPretzels

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29-10-2019, 04:33

If you are reading this, I can't believe that I just found out that some of those MSX computers that I've just found available in Greece. To prove it to you, here are some of the MSX computers so far that are available in this country:

  • Sanyo MPC-100
  • GoldStar FC-200
  • Canon V-20
  • Spectravideo SVI-728
  • Ce-Tec MPC-80 (German Daewoo DPC-200 model)
  • Sony Hit-Bit HB-55P
  • Sony Hit-Bit HB-75P
  • Philips VG-8020

They were also sold there in magazines as well.:


By hamlet

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29-10-2019, 08:11

These are quite a few!
Was there a computer scene in Greece in the 80s? Do you remember more magazines? What does the scene look like today?

By UsagiPretzels

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31-10-2019, 00:13

Well for the computer scene in Greece, the MSX computers weren't quite popular there but they did have some software for it. Recently, the Sanyo MPC-100 and the Ce-Tec MPC-80 were available in Greek retro computer magazines.

However, I can't read Greek so I guess the prices for some of the MSX computers are shown below according to the magazines:
Canon V-20 (GDR 65,000 Δρχ)
Spectravideo SVI-728 (GDR 59,000 Δρχ)
Sanyo MPC-100 (GDR 66,000 Δρχ)
GoldStar FC-200 (GDR 49,000 Δρχ)
Ce-Tec MPC-80 (GDR 16,500 Δρχ)

By nikodr

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31-10-2019, 00:58

I am from Greece and had msx2 vg8235.i remember 2-3 shops that sold software and hardware.there was a scene.Will read books and post tomorrow Smile