Yes, today is Friday, 13th! If you are not superstitious and you are an MSX enthusiast, today is your lucky day! Clube MSX is starting to accept orders for its eighth issue.

Issue #8 will have 40 pages full of MSX goodies, including a special article about MSX soundtracks and their composers; review for the games Shoulder Blade OUTERSPACE and La Leyenda de Standard; the second part of the article about the MSX cards and another one highlighting games featuring Women protagonists; an interview with Ovidio Junior, from the classic Brazilian magazine MSX Top Class; a tutorial teaching how to create a simplified BASIC version of the Intellivision game Snafu; an article about the barcode reader Phillips NMS 1170; mini-reviews of the games Mag the Magician and XRacing.

As usual, the Clube MSX will include a poster featuring the game Xenon and an MSX logo sticker (red with white letters)!

You can place your order at the magazine website for the promotional price of R$21,90 (USD 4.70) through March 23rd. After this day, the price will be R$24,90 (USD 5.30). The price doesn’t include shipping costs.

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Source: Vintage is the New Old

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By enribar

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14-03-2020, 23:59

Done! I don't wanna miss any issue of Clube MSX!

By mariocavalcanti

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23-03-2020, 18:33

Thank you, Enrico, for all the support. Smile