RoboPlay for MSX 1.0 released

RoboPlay for MSX 1.0 released

by ToriHino on 28-05-2020, 20:52
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タグ: opl, roboplay, vgm

RoboPlay is a multiformat music replayer for the MSX platform using the Yamaha YMF278B OPL4 soundchip.
MSX-DOS2 is needed. It is written in C using SDCC and the FUSION-C library.

Note that for some formats a faster MSX is recommended. ADPCM conversion can take quite some time on a regular Z80 during loading, however replay is no problem.

For version 1.0 the following file formats are supported:

  • SOP: Note OPL3 Music Sequencer
  • D00: EdLib packed module
  • DRO: DOSBox Raw OPL v0.1 and v2.0
  • RAW: Rdos Adlib Capture
  • MOD: Amiga Module (also more than 4 channels)
  • VGM: Video Game Music
  • IMF: iD Software Music Format (for .WLF extension 700Hz replay is used)
  • MBM: MoonBlaster 1.4 (including sample conversion from ADPCM to PCM)
  • MUS: FAC SoundTracker 1.0, 2.0 and PRO (including sample conversion from ADPCM to PCM, stereo replay)
  • PRO: Tyfoon Pro-Tracker (stereo replay)

The project page can be found at this location, binary can be downloaded here. An update is submitted to this location as well.

Relevant link: For more info, reactions comments and a number of example videos look in this forum thread.

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By ToriHino

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29-05-2020, 08:41

I also added a starter pack containing over 3000 songs to get you started, which can be dowloaded from here.

If you have any additional collections of songs for one or more of these supported formats, please let me know.

By Retrofan

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29-05-2020, 09:33

Great! I hope you will add MIDI file support very soon. ;-)
And is it also possible to add a nice GUI for RoboPlay like SAWP or NMP? That would be cool too!
Keep up the great work!

By Grauw

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29-05-2020, 13:30

Congratulations on this milestone!

By Manuel

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29-05-2020, 22:05

Again, great job!

By knm1983

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29-05-2020, 23:08

Congratulations for great work , the Fac Sountracker Mus music sound very well in stereo mode. Smile Smile

By Parn

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29-05-2020, 23:37

Awesome. Congratulations, @ToriHino. I'll certainly be using RoboPlay a lot. For me, this is the true call of the MSX: being the ultimate platform for retro music. Thank you very much! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

Champion (300)

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02-06-2020, 11:22

I need to try .MOD re-play feature. There're milions of MODules out there.

By mariocavalcanti

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05-06-2020, 00:13

Congratulations! Really great!