ZX classics on MSX! (Cybernoid the Fightin machine)

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By tfh

Prophet (3346)

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16-05-2021, 13:53

It plays very nice and smooth. Already died quite a few times, and as I said earlier: Love the colors!
Added it to my homebrew section, with a link to your site of course.
Congrats on the release :)

By Pippo

Hero (521)

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16-05-2021, 15:30

Very good conversion, KoD! Big smile
Many, many thanks for sharing. Smile

By ren

Paragon (1934)

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16-05-2021, 18:08

Nice, will have a look/go Smile I mainly just know the game from the C64 Jeroen Tel tune Smile

You say "almost a direct port", meaning this is based on rv engineering?

Arguably the Amstrad CPC colors/palette is a bit nicer. Perhaps it could be a nice extra (since it's MSX2 anyway?) to try to approach those colors and having an option to choose your preferred palette? Cool

By PingPong

Enlighted (4138)

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16-05-2021, 19:11

Hi, what screen mode are you using ? it is screen 2 or screen 4 (like screen 2 with more advanced sprites)?
If it is screen 4 you could take advantage of sprite mode 2 and give some colours to charaters.

By KoD

Supporter (16)

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16-05-2021, 23:16

I used screen2 because I'm new to the msx scene and this is my first job. I know there's screen4. I just haven't mastered this technology yet. Maybe next time I'll do better Smile

By alexito

Paladin (761)

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18-05-2021, 20:04

Congratulations! KoD the conversion look very good on my SONY HB-F1XDJ(256KB and NTSC Composite Video OUTPUT Used) + SAMSUNG TV + RetroTink 2x-PRO (I have patched it at offset 0x11 with 00 --> Forced NTSC) I know the game execute little bit fast at NTSC but the Speed Controller on the F1XDJ make the game more enjoyable to me.

about the joystick? I would wish to see the next version using the Second Fire Button for Sub-weapon because every MSX gamer would appreciate it.

By Timmy

Master (200)

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21-05-2021, 14:55

Having played the Spectrum version, I can say that this port is well done, and also harder than the spectrum version because of the differences. (enemy bullets are white in this version, for example).

I'm happy to see that the msx2 is able to keep up with the spectrum with that many sprites in a game like this, with so many sprites on the same scanline. Some of the sprites you used hardware sprites but there were still some software sprites in (I see that the items are done with xor sprites, fortunately).

Thanks! It makes me interested in the MSX2 more; I should learn more about the msx2 vdp too then.

By PingPong

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21-05-2021, 20:26

The game uses msx1 screen mode and therefore msx1 sprites. 4 x scanlines
So it is a msx1 that can keep up with zx spectrum if it is the case

By Pyhesty

Expert (88)

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24-05-2021, 16:22

good job!

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