ZX classics on MSX! (Cybernoid the Fightin machine)

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By AxelStone

Prophet (3199)

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06-07-2021, 14:17

It plays really smooth, very nice job!

By sunn

Expert (104)

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13-05-2022, 13:30

Really nice game. Any hope that you could port my favorite game Exolon? It is also coded by Raffaelle Cecco.

By Juanmi

Master (153)

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04-03-2023, 17:34

Good conversion KoD, thank so much. A couple observations,

The first seems to me it's very important. Your BOUNCE weapon it's white (that's ok), but some enemies also shoot BOUNCE. In the original version (spectrum) enemies BOUNCE are red, but in your conversion to MSX are white (same colour that our weapon). This makes it impossible to differentiate/distinguish between our shots and those of our enemies in moments of action. It's a certain death!! Could you change the colour of the enemies' BOUNCE weapon to red like in the spectrum version?

An example with a MSX screenshot, we can see here bullets enemies mixed with ours bullets:

This other one is less important, it's just a bit of sugar :) . Could you add the loading screen at the beginning of the game? It could be for a few seconds or stay on the screen until you press the space key.

Spectrum and Amstrad screens:

Thank you again!

By smx

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05-03-2023, 10:27

I've done what you need:
Cybernoid with Loading Screen

By Juanmi

Master (153)

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05-03-2023, 11:40

Yeah! thank you smx!!, much more colourful than spectrum and amstrad screens.

Now, the only thing missing is for someone to change the colour of the enemies' balls to red. It would be a great conversion! I think it's worth spending some time on it, the game is very fluid on MSX. Doing this would be a very good conversion Wink

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