PonyCa AlphaRoid Cartridge, Box, English Manual - Hoping to Trade

By BitSquad

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09-06-2021, 20:28


I have come across a copy of AlphaRoid with original PonyCa cartridge, box, and English language manual made by PonyCa and definitely translated by a Japanese person.

I am hoping to trade it for one of these games, complete with cart(or FD), manual, and box:

Come on! Picot
Malaya no Hihou
Mashou no Yakata Gabarin
Pleasure Hearts
Star Virgin

I'm only interested in the games from the originally Japanese publisher, although if you happened to have an international release like my copy of AlphaRoid with the Japanese cart and manual and international manual, I would consider that a fair trade. I'm just not wanting any of the European rereleases from a separate company. I'd be fine with a European release in the sense of the Konami or HAL games which were made by the original company, but I'm quite certain none of those exist for these particular games.

Mine does have some wear, so if your game to trade is in better shape, I can include some money for the difference.