V9990 is not part of MSX

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By Pokun

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25-02-2022, 15:38

It seems he isn't angry with Yamaha anymore, good.

By erpirao

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26-02-2022, 10:15

Most of the 9990 specs were our plan but 9990 had deleted 9958 compatibility due to the lack of silicon spaces. That I feel very sad.I am happy to wait to put 9990 on to the top of 9958 because I am impressed with beautiful 9990 games.


Enlighted (6889)

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26-02-2022, 10:47

The whole thing will be fpga based, so now it is matter of having a decent emulation of the chip in vhdl
I do not know if there is already a v9990 core for fpga

By st1mpy

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26-02-2022, 11:31

Software emulation exists so he could just run that on arm part of the zynq, to mix the fpga part and software.


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26-02-2022, 11:49

Sure, you can even run the whole openmsx on the arm cpu Wink

By Pokun

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26-02-2022, 15:31

Nishi basically said on Twitter that the 9958, 9990 and 9998 will all be on the FPGA, but it might be a tight fit.

By iamweasel2

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26-02-2022, 16:02

aoineko wrote:

End of the "V9990 is not part of MSX" war...

Exactly what I thought. When Nishi's MSX3 is delivered, V9990 will be officially part of the MSX standard.

By _ThEcRoW

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16-03-2022, 15:55

I don't see the point in v9990 if it's not compatible with previous vdps. Then compatibility will take a hit.

By sdsnatcher73

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17-03-2022, 04:33

V9990 makes sense when you combine it with V9958. So 1 chip for all the compatibility and 1 for the new stuff.

By Dreamerm42

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17-03-2022, 12:44

It has always seemed to me that the most logical thing was v9958 + v9990...

Even more viable than unifying everything in a single VDP. Even v9990+superimpose cartridges would have been a way to upgrade older MSX1 models.

Simply when making the games I would have to take into account that a z80 does not have the power of an r800.

Current graphics cards, work with several simultaneous cores, NeoGeo, MegaDrive and Game Boy color use several cpus for compatibility or for other purposes...

I don't see a problem, what I do see is that it could be a very advanced or expensive idea for the moment....

sorry for my english!

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