H20 Gaming Expo - the Netherlands

H20 Gaming Expo - the Netherlands

by ro on 16-08-2022, 20:41
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During the H20 Esports & Gaming Festival a special retro gaming area is set-up to enjoy retro computer gaming. The event takes place at the end of Augustus 2022 near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

With more than 12,000 m2, H20 Esports Campus in Purmerend is a Valhalla for the new generation. In the heart lies the Rabo Esports Stadium, a permanent equipped event location for esports and gaming events and productions. A network of 100+ organisations (startups, education partners to corporates) is active on campus. Events are held on an almost daily basis and activities and programmes are organised for the development of Esports, gaming and tech talent. The H20 concept is a brand new enterprise erected by Johan de Punder, an MSX user who still owns the 8-bit wonder we all fell in love with.

In the last week of Augustus, from 22th-27th, during the H20 game festival, The Retro Gaming Expo is set-up in cooperation with Dutch MSX user Bas Kornalijnslijper. As head of the retro-computer department, Bas ensures that MSX is present amongst all other brands and shapes. The expo is a display of old game consoles and computers from the 70s- and 80s. From the very first pong console to the last Philips MSX computer, it's all there.

According to Bas, this is a proof-of-concept for a more permanent exposure of (sports) gaming history. The final installment will have much more consoles and computers available to expose a grand overview of this tech phenomena. It's not like a museum with an eyes-only code, it will be completely interactive. Visitors can play the games on consoles that made the gaming history what it is today. From then to now is the theme.

Tickets for the experience can be purchased through the website and at the door before or during the entire festival.

Relevant link: H2O festival

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By Bengalack

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17-08-2022, 08:31

Very cool! Love the initiative. Meanwhile over in Norway we have a retro-fair running this weekend https://retromessa.no/ --Planning to go there and see if I can kindly and quickly "borrow" an MSX2 (or two) to compatibility test latest build of Lilly's Saga, haha.

By mtn

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17-08-2022, 09:47

Hey @Bengalack, I was planning to visit retromessa aswell, but it unfortunately collides with a bbq / pinball tournament.