Dishonest trader

By BitSquad

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29-10-2022, 17:00

Am I allowed to post an experience with a dishonest trader here who is a member of this forum?

I sold an MSX game on eBay to someone who is a member here. I shipped the package via USPS as requested by the buyer, which I will never do again. Only FedEx. Anyway, the package didn’t arrive for a couple months and the buyer requested a refund, so I obliged. This was in August. I just decided to check yesterday and see if the package was ever delivered, and it was, over a month ago on Sep 26. I had not heard a word from the buyer so I contacted them via eBay and email. Of course, they didn’t respond to me. They got a free game on my dime.

Since I can’t get the money back from them on eBay, I’d like to post about this situation and the buyer’s name as my only form of recourse. Is that permitted?


By Wierzbowsky

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29-10-2022, 17:38

If you have the proof of delivery, you can still confront the buyer to pay you or you should report him to Ebay or even to police.

By BitSquad

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29-10-2022, 18:38

After I posted this, the buyer contacted me and returned the refund, so luckily, all is well now. eBay couldn’t actually do anything. I talked with them yesterday regarding a different but similar situation where I had refunded a buyer and they were honest and contacted me to let me know the shipment had arrived. eBay informed me that they don’t have a contract with buyers that allows them to take funds from a buyer, so eBay advised me to get a refund through PayPal. That’s what made me think to check the delivery on the MSX game that I had refunded a couple of months prior.

Calling police in a foreign country MAY get the buyer in trouble, it’s hard to say, but I highly doubt that it would end up getting me the money back.

Luckily it’s all good now. My advise to anyone shipping a game internationally, please use FedEx or DHL! I do online sales for a living and I can say from experience that the loss rate for international post shipments is really high. Probably higher than 5%. I’ve never lost a package via FedEx or DHL. Typically I will only use FedEx or DHL if the item is worth more than $100. I made an exception since it was a video game rather than the professional equipment I normally sell, but I won’t again. The risk is too high.

By meits

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29-10-2022, 21:29

Depends on where you are in this world. Here in the Netherlands dhl is notoriously rough with packages.

By BitSquad

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29-10-2022, 22:31

I can package an item extra carefully to protect against roughness. There’s nothing I can do in packing to protect it from being lost though. It doesn’t matter how good the post office is in the destination or origination country either, it’s a matter of getting passed through multiple counties on the way there. It’s way too common for packages to end up in the wrong country.

Now that I think about it, DHL does offer many different services with different qualities of service. DHL Express is the international shipment method I’m talking about, which is super duper fast and can get a package from Japan to my door in the eastern US in 24 hours. I’ve also noticed that in some regions, DHL offers cheaper services that are more akin to postal shipments and do pass through multiple agencies on the way to the customer. These would have a loss rate similar to postal shipments and be just as slow, often taking months to deliver an international package.

By AndreV

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29-10-2022, 23:42

Not only DHL, postnl delevers my paksge sometimes in the papiercontainer so that i can not find the package, there to haisty payed per delevered package.

By sdsnatcher73

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30-10-2022, 04:36

I had a similar issue with a US buyer once. Unfortunately he just kept the MSX and did not pay for it, and eBay was very much unhelpful (this was during peak of COVID when shipping times were very unpredictable).