Clube MSX Gold Disk #5 - out now

Clube MSX Gold Disk #5 - out now

by ro on 15-12-2022, 23:20
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On December the 10th, the Brazilian magazine Clube MSX released the fifth issue of their disk magazine called Gold Disk. A classic MSX floppy disk stocked with original MSX software like games and tools. All this is presented with both an MSX1 and MSX2 user interface. Copies are now available through the magazine's website.

The Brazilian magazine Clube MSX is one of the few last real paper printed MSX magazines and is an international available publication. A good quality magazine in full color with lots of interesting MSX articles, reviews and anything else related to that lovely machine. Besides print, they also offer Gold Disk ones in a while and number #5 has just seen daylight. This newest edition debuted earlier during the MSX SP 2022 meeting in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Gold Disk #5 carries a bunch of new games and tools for the old 8 bit. It has the games My Sacred Place, Fish Life, Cave of the Monsters, 10 Seconds Warning , and Fishes, and the tools Poptimizer 1.0 and Screen Adjuster 1.0 stored on its tracks. All accessible through a custom MSX1 or MSX2 (depending on the system) graphical menu.

This edition of Gold Disk comes in a beautiful box with a full color instruction leaflet - Cover Art by Andres Ramos -, collector's guide, stickers, button, and an acrylic goldfish key-chain to bring you good luck! Quality stuff, just like the original printed magazine.

This fifth edition of the 3,5" media carrier is available on the magazine's website for BRL 100.00 (about US$ 19.00) + shipping costs. International orders can be made by e-mail or via DM on Twitter or Facebook.

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By Metalion

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16-12-2022, 10:52

I'm curious about POPTIMIZER.
What does it do exactly ?

By mariocavalcanti

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16-12-2022, 12:42

Metalion wrote:

I'm curious about POPTIMIZER.
What does it do exactly ?

Hi. It's a small tool to help us to change the MSX2 color palette. It shows the color code in real time. Good to improve colors of MSX1 projects when run on MSX2 or higher machines.