Loud grinding noise from an FS A1-GT floppy drive

By uberjack

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15-04-2023, 22:03

I recently got an FS A1-GT, but it appears that the floppy drive might be defective. When I put in a disk and try to read it ("FILES"), it makes a pretty loud grinding noise and comes back with an error. Any suggestions on what this could be, or how to fix?

Here's a video that demonstrates the noise - it sounds a lot louder in person. https://msxti.me/foo.mp4


By Manuel

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15-04-2023, 22:56

Better open it and check the drive belt. It will fail after about 10 years.

By Grauw

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16-04-2023, 03:51

In recent years I’ve replaced drive belts in three Panasonic FS-A1GT’s and one Panasonic FS-A1FX. These are definitely a common failure in Panasonics, I would be more surprised if one did not fail after all these years. Luckily the fix is very easy.

By sdsnatcher73

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16-04-2023, 08:11

The noise is just the motor spinning without load.

By uberjack

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16-04-2023, 08:25

Thanks all, I'll replace the belt.


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18-04-2023, 11:32

sdsnatcher73 wrote:

The noise is just the motor spinning without load.

Well... Usually when the belt fails you get just high pitch whine, but I guess there may be some part of the failed belt stuck that causes this kind of hammer drill type of sound.