Pimp my PSG #5 - Titanic by FranSX

Pimp my PSG #5 - Titanic by FranSX

by Jorito on 23-04-2016, 17:43
Topic: Challenges
Tags: pmp

FranSX is on a roll. Less than a week ago, he submitted his second entry in the Pimp my PSG challenge, and now he's back with his third entry. It's probably not hard to guess that he stuck to his continuing mission to share less well known music from Spanish games, and his new cover of Topo Soft's game Titanic is again an example of that.

Like the other two entries, this track was also made with an MSX turbo R and a Moonsound, and again FranSX was kind enough to create a video so you can hear the original and the remake in context, with in-game images and more. As a bonus, he also shared a video of the unfinished remake from 2013.

There's exactly one more week left before the challenge deadline, so get working on those entries!

Relevant link: Pimp my PSG - Titanic by FranSX

Comments (6)

By mth

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23-04-2016, 17:56

Copy-paste bug in the news post title?

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1790)

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23-04-2016, 18:24

No more Smile

By fernandomanuel.garciagarcia

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23-04-2016, 19:48

I specially love this one. Brings me back plenty of memories.
... well done FranSX!

By KdL

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24-04-2016, 20:18

nice +1 Big smile

By marcos.m.carvajal.1

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26-04-2016, 18:06

it's a nice thing to "recover" this melodies. If it wasnt for this two FranSX entries, they would be forgotten. Nice!!

By sd_snatcher

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27-04-2016, 00:37

I loved this beautiful melody back then. Thank you!