Pimp my PSG #7 - Star Force by [WYZ]

Pimp my PSG #7 - Star Force by [WYZ]

by Jorito on 30-04-2016, 17:38
Topic: Challenges
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With the deadline of the Pimp my PSG challenge nearing, new participants join the competition. First up is PSG maestro [WYZ] with a quite unusual take on pimping a PSG tune. His thoughts must have gone something like "What's better than a PSG? Two of them!", and that's just what he did. He remake the Tehkan shooter Star Force OST, as he would like to see it in the MSX version, but remade with 2 PSGs. It's a very subtle way to pimp a PSG track, but it's pimped for sure!

Relevant link: Pimp my PSG - Star Force by [WYZ]

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By [WYZ]

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30-04-2016, 18:33

Yeah! Thanks Jorito.

Also note that there is 6 independent channels and it is far way from the simply clon one PSG to the other.

God luck to all the other great entries.

By ToriHino

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30-04-2016, 23:29

Wow, quite a difference with an additional PSG

By Imanok

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01-05-2016, 00:54

Fantastic, Wyz! Smile

By Grauw

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01-05-2016, 14:03

Soundcloud linky: https://soundcloud.com/wyz-msx/starforce-msx-2xpsg-cover

I like what you did here :).

By [WYZ]

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01-05-2016, 14:17

Thanks @ToriHino, @Imanok & @Grauw. Obvioysly the sound is not identical but seems quite close to the arcade. Also nothing original here, just two psg working to get the trick.

I'll try to patch the game.

By Guillian

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01-05-2016, 20:37

It's me or WYZ is a PSG (and SCC!) master?
Just check his Soundcloud...

By [WYZ]

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02-05-2016, 14:55

I stand on the shoulders of giants.