Tenliner challenge #17 - Train

Tenliner challenge #17 - Train

by Jorito on 17-12-2012, 19:30
Topic: Challenges

Yesterday, Spanish MSX user Oscar Centelles (zanac) submitted his second entry in the MRC Tenliner Challenge, the first entry being Moon Rescue. His second entry is Train, a game for MSX1 or higher.

Your goal is to reach the end of the train while avoiding the bad guys. The player is controlled using the cursor keys to move and jump. You can also hit the enemies with the space key, but as Oscar says: you must to be close to enemies to hit them, but the routine isn't the best. The game became too big and I had to cut almost everything.

The game works on any MSX, but an MSX turbo R is recommended in order to make it playable.

If you are still working on your entry for the Tenliner Challenge, you have until 23:59 CET to submit your entry!

Relevant link: Train

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  • Tenliner challenge #17 - Train

Comments (5)

By theNestruo

Champion (423)

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17-12-2012, 22:14

Very good looking! Graphics are really nice!! Have you kept the uncut version?

By fukenko

Champion (357)

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18-12-2012, 13:35

I really like this graphic! I wanna see uncut version too.

By Oscar

Guardian (585)

Oscar's picture

23-12-2012, 13:54

Well, the uncut version is not finished. The enemies can shoot and there are more graphics (scoreboard mainly) but more work is needed.

Merry Xmas!

By Oscar

Guardian (585)

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23-12-2012, 14:12

I can´t upload images from DropBox...

By mtn

Champion (269)

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17-12-2013, 00:24

I'd be happy to see a "100 %"-ish uncut version too Smile