Tenliner Challenge #18 - Arrows

Tenliner Challenge #18 - Arrows

by snout on 18-12-2012, 11:16
Topic: Challenges

Just before the deadline, we received the 18th entry to the MRC Tenliner Challenge. Submitted by Honoppe from Japan, Arrows is a puzzle game in only 10 lines of MSX-BASIC, without using a media file. The goal is to find two matching blocks that you can reach with your arrows and attempt to delete all blocks on the playing field. The game has three game modes, from easy to hard, providing a challenge to everyone. In normal and difficult mode obstacles are added, to increase difficulty, Luckily the game also has a retry function.

Relevant link: Arrows

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  • Tenliner Challenge #18 - Arrows
  • Tenliner Challenge #18 - Arrows
  • Tenliner Challenge #18 - Arrows
  • Tenliner Challenge #18 - Arrows

Comments (7)

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1790)

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18-12-2012, 11:39

Nice! Me likes Smile

By fukenko

Champion (357)

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18-12-2012, 13:38

It's amazing! I feel I saw the potential of 10 liner program!

スゲぇ! 10行プログラムの底力を見せつけられた思いです。

By BlueCrystal

Expert (105)

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18-12-2012, 21:10

This is an original idea? I have never seen something like this. Simple and brilliant!

By DanySoft

Champion (452)

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18-12-2012, 21:13

Sorry, but I fear that the experiment to do in just 10 lines of BASIC program is not my grateful.
So the impossible becomes possible: you used the GUI to rebuild a long line to convert 10 rows? Evil

I've seen several programs with only 10 rows but I can not stand this word in 32 columns:
I can do:
- GUI (displays colors funizoni BASIC syntax on Windows)
- Always the same but now edit the characters & sprite
- In some programs (such as CALL and utilities. COM) are convenient to use and reuse multiple times to build a game!

The methods functions in BASIC are a lot of frustration, so I can not go in and see if he can to me to do some type game in 10 lines

Especially in short as two examples:

Convert to charact from binary 0 & 1

10 DATA 00010000,00001011,01000111,01010101
11 DATA 00001100,01000101,01110011,00011111
12 DATA 11110110,11011010,01110011,10101011
30 DATA -1
40 RESTORE 10:Z=0:T=0
50 READ A$:IF A$="-1" THEN END
60 LOCATE Z*8,T:FOR N=1 TO 8:PRINTCHR$(204+ VAL("&B"+MID$(A$,N,1)));:NEXT N
70 Z=Z+1:IF Z=>4 THEN Z=0:T=T+1
80 GOTO 50

Get item from VRAM (sprite X,Y, (A,B) = offset of X,Y

DEF FN V ( X, Y, A,B) = VPEEK( 6144+INT( ( Y+A ) /8 ) * 32 + INT((X+B)/8) )
A=FN V(10,10,0,2)



By hap

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18-12-2012, 21:57

BlueCrystal, it looks like a single-layer version of:

By Honoppe

Supporter (2)

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19-12-2012, 00:46

Thank you.
I am happy that I could participate in this 10line challenge. Smile
I am not using GUI. I made this program in SCREEN0:WIDTH80 mode.
This is an original idea, but resembles "Mahjong solitaire".


By janghang

Master (129)

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27-12-2012, 04:01

great job!! it's a simple, shanghai-ish game but very addicting.