DOS2 banking library for Hitech-C

by snout on 08-04-2011, 15:33
Topic: Development

Source: Sharksym's MSX World

Sharksym appears to be working on a nice selection of Hitech-C libraries that will make the life of novice (and/or lazy) MSX developers a lot easier. Not only is he working on a rather complete Graphic library for MSX, he has also released a library that fullfills all your memory management needs in MSX-DOS2, provided you can work your way through Korean documentation.

Relevant link: DOS2 banking library for Hitech-C

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08-04-2011, 19:42

no English translation of the docs O_o

By wolf_

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08-04-2011, 20:14

W000t! Not even Latin? What do they think, everyone reads Korean these days? Hannibal Tongue

By Gradius2

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08-04-2012, 19:47

Every computer related should be in english really.