FM support patch for Hydlide 3

by Pac on 29-01-2023, 20:04
Topic: Development

A new music patch has just been released for Hydlide 3 by T&E Soft. This was made possible thanks to the cooperation between the Japanese user behind the MSX Kensan Suishin Iinkai (MSX Research Promotion Committee), who developed the IPS patch, and the Japanese music composer DSA, well-known for developments like emu2413 or MSXplay.

This patch is available in 4 different configurations (sound/rhythm/FX) and it's based on a previous work by DSA. Please, keep in mind that you should download a different patch depending on your machine/game version (MSX1/MSX2).

This is version 1.0 of the patch so it may still contain some bugs.

Relevant link: IPS patch at MSX Kensan Suishin Iinkai's site
Relevant link: IPS patch at DSA's github site

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By raymond

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30-01-2023, 19:27

Ah, cool. A music upgrade is always nice!

By gdx

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31-01-2023, 00:41

If the game speed could be improved, that would be great.