MSX Datapack 2 - PDF fixed

by sd_snatcher on 19-02-2011, 21:19
Topic: Development

Earlier this year the MSX Datapack was scanned by Dioniso. But unfortunately there was a problem with the PDF file of volume 2, some pages were mixed with volume 1.

Dioniso has fixed this second volume and Konamito made it available for download. The most complete MSX documentation is now flawless, and now it's a matter of waiting for the translation project to be completed. If you know how to read Japanese, you can help with this project. The first and third volume files haven't been changed. If you downloaded them before, you don't need to download them again.

Relevant link: MSX Datapack

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By MicroTech

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21-02-2011, 15:19

Still thanks for your great effort!