A new development team, called "Mystery Labs", is creating this oldschool looking game for MSX, which looks quite nice judging from the material we're treated with. It is said to have gameplay that combines action with puzzle elements.

At this stage of development, the game has 30 screens divided in 3 worlds: Tanatos, Garden of Hesperides, and another secret one. The common enemies will be skulls, cyclopes, tortured souls, gargoyles and much more foes stemming from mythical traditions.

As a player, you incarnate Prometheus, who, after having brought the concept of fire to humanity, is persecuted by the wrath of Olympus, so at the end of every world, Prometheus will have to defeat three mythological gods.

The author promises that more information and screenshots will follow soon.

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  • The Fall of Prometheus - game in development
  • The Fall of Prometheus - game in development
  • The Fall of Prometheus - game in development

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28-04-2017, 08:04


By valkyre

Paladin (698)

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28-04-2017, 09:16

It's a mystery!!!

By tfh

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28-04-2017, 09:37

Ehm... OK....

By JohnHassink

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28-04-2017, 13:21

I posted this, maybe somewhat over-enthusiastic as soon as I saw the conceptual graphics. Wink
I'm investigating/inquiring for more info as we speak.
Just a little patience, guys. Post will be updated as soon as more facts come through.

By JohnHassink

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28-04-2017, 14:47

Post updated with more info and pictures.

By The_Engineer

Han (192)

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28-04-2017, 15:25

Thanks for the update John.
The initial posting was indeed a little mysterious and kept me wondering.

The game looks really good!

By Louthrax

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28-04-2017, 18:06

They say "Don't judge a book (or game) by its cover", but the drawings of that cover is awesome! The universe, Greek stuff and that Medusa-like monster, are indeed very Popolonesque Smile

By syn

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29-04-2017, 14:07

Looks nice Big smile

By JohnHassink

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09-11-2017, 20:10

Sorry for bumping, but I found a video:
and a hashtag on Twitter:
for if you'd like to follow the development of this game.

By Pencioner

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10-11-2017, 00:21

Yep, thanks Smile

By Manuel

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28-04-2018, 14:37

Any news on this?

By JohnHassink

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06-05-2018, 08:45