blueMSX launcher 1.12

by snout on 19-12-2011, 18:47
Topic: Emulation
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Source: MSXblue

A new version of blueMSX Launcher, a front-end for blueMSX, has been released. New in this version:

  •  Improved usability by providing many keyboard shortcuts for common operations
  •  Added support for saving filters for later use
  •  Improved support for tape images in terms of importing and showing properties
  •  Added Swedish and Finnish languages
  •  Added an option to set the year filter to be before or after a certain year.
  •  Added support for using different screenshots for multiple versions of the same game in the extra-data database
  •  Provided an option to set the minimum required machine when setting a machine for profiles in a database
  •  Extended 'Find other dumps" to disk and tape images
  •  Expanded extra-data database and screenshots to include a large collection of disk and tape images
  •  Fixed many bugs

The launcher can be found in the resources section of the blueMSX website, along with an optional, additional file that contains many screenshots ready to be used in the launcher.

Relevant link: blueMSX - Resources 

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19-12-2011, 19:59

nice, now a new version of bluemsx with V9938 and R800 fixed Tongue