C-BIOS 0.17

by BiFi on 13-08-2003, 20:46
Topic: Emulation

Today version 0.17 of C-BIOS was released. This MSX-compatible BIOS allows you to run MSX software on an MSX emulator, without using ripped, illegal MSX system ROMs. The previous version had some later undistributed fixes which are listed as well:

  • Changed LICENSE.
    New LICENSE will be suitable in various situations. e.g. use as a firmware for hand-made hardware.
  • Added entry: INITXT, INIT32.
    These were exist only as internal routine of CHGMOD.
  • INITXT, INIT32: Fixed screen clear failure.
  • CHPUT: Now support also screen1 not only screen0, fixed scroll failure.
  • CHGMOD: When screen0/1, now load font to VRAM.

Relevant link: C-BIOS distribution page