C-BIOS 0.22

by wolf_ on 27-12-2008, 19:42
Topic: Emulation

A new version of C-BIOS has been released only moments ago! C-BIOS is a substitute BIOS which can be used for running MSX emulators. Currently, it only supports the execution of ROM files. New in this version:

  • Separate logo ROM to save space in the main ROM
  • Lower bits of PSG reg 15 set before reading joystick trigger status
  • Improved RAM search
  • Many new routines implemented and existing implementations made more complete, especially character I/O and bitmap graphics
  • Added lots of documentation to system variables
  • Added support for GNU assembler
  • Various bug fixes

Relevant link: C-BIOS

Comments (4)

By Vampier

Prophet (2386)

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27-12-2008, 19:49

now what could be released next? Cool

By Yukio

Paragon (1540)

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27-12-2008, 23:08

Interesting ...

By arnold_m

Master (173)

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29-12-2008, 00:13

Well next, C-BIOS 0.23, I guess

By Vampier

Prophet (2386)

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29-12-2008, 03:10

Arnold_m you are a smart man Wink