fMSX 3.4

by fms on 30-09-2007, 16:42
Topic: Emulation

Today, Marat Fayzullin has released a new version of fMSX, the MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator that (amongst others) paved the way for MSX emulation on personal computers. Most noticable new feature in this release is Network Play,. which lets you share your keyboard and joysticks over the network in order to play multiplayer games. The complete changelog looks as follows:

  • Added network play
  • Now not opening printer file until the first character is printed
  • Fixed OUTD/OUTDR opcodes to modify B register before the OUT operation
  • No longer trying to load state files from LoadFile()
  • Defined "INLINE" properly, depending on the C standard supported by the compiler
  • Finally retired #ifdef SOUND as sound is always compiled in anyway
  • Added new, much better scanline simulation and video softening effects to fMSX-Windows
  • fMSX-Windows full-screen mode now runs in 640x480 resolution
  • Fixed problem with full-screen SCREEN 6/7 in fMSX-Windows
  • fMSX-MSDOS has got complete (non-truncated) emulation for SCREEN 6/7 and TEXT80 screen modes
  • fMSX-MSDOS now always runs in 640x480x15bpp VESA screen mode
  • Added options to simulate TV scanlines (-tv/-notv) and zoom display (-zoom/-nozoom) to fMSX-MSDOS
  • Options -sync/-nosync/-vsync work properly again in fMSX-MSDOS

All registered users will be getting their copies of fMSX 3.4 by email in the next day or two.

Relevant link: fMSX website

Comments (10)

By Vampier

Prophet (2386)

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30-09-2007, 20:16

The grandpa emulator strikes again Smile I really have to give it to Marat, he put emulation on the map. Fmsx was one of the first emu's I used.

By iamweasel2

Paladin (689)

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02-10-2007, 04:42

Indeed, although I don't use it anymore, I used it a lot in the past, so I have good memories with it, despite its (many) limitations at that time. IIRC, it was the first MSX2 emulator available. It is nice to hear that it is still developed, it has a nice place on MSX emulation history. Smile

By Latok

msx guru (3860)

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02-10-2007, 09:16

Wasn't that CJS Compujunks emulator the first MSX2 emulator?

By snout

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02-10-2007, 09:22

I don't know... but it was by far the best at the time Wink

By Manuel

Ascended (18398)

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02-10-2007, 11:02

fMSX used to be the only MSX emulator that ran on Linux, so I've used it until openMSX became usable enough, in 2002. All for the development of a game Smile Before that, I only used it to try if it worked, every now and then, mostly on the UNIX systems on the university.
IMHO, paid MSX emulators are not of this time anymore. But hey, you can always try, of course. The nice thing about Marat's work is that he is componentizing the emulation of chips. He makes a library of them (emulib), which is used in several of his emulators.

It would be great if this would be done with a different license, so that all emulator developers could work on libraries that can be used across different projects. For now, all you can do is copy/port code from emulators with compatible licenses to your own. Not very efficient.

By iamweasel2

Paladin (689)

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02-10-2007, 17:55

Now that you said, I'm not sure which one was the first emu anymore. I'll explain it. I used CJS emulator as well, and indeed it was better than FMSX at that time. IIRC, FMSX was already born with (at least) the idea of emulating MSX2, what I can't remember is if the first version I used (0.2 or 0.3 I think) was already capable of (some) msx2 emulation. at the time I got FMSX, CJS was only emulating MSX1, that's why I said FMSX to be the first msx2 emulator. Another issue that makes this question about the first msx2 emulation even harder is, how accurate and complete should be a implementation to be considered the first msx2 emulator? Or is it enough to be able to display (in a msx1 emulator) a screen4 picture to claim that you have a (incomplete and probably useless) msx2 emulator implementation?

By iamweasel2

Paladin (689)

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02-10-2007, 17:56

I never bothered to read FMSX license, can you tell exactly what it allows (and what it doesn't allow you to do)?

By Latok

msx guru (3860)

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02-10-2007, 18:42

CJS Compujunks MSX2 emulator had direct HD access. That's why I used it every now and then. Never understood why more recent emulators stepped away from that concept.

By hap

Paragon (2039)

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02-10-2007, 18:43

iamweasel2: You can read the pink blob over here:

Anyway, manuel was talking about EMULib. License details put aside, his point is: EMULib is usable with compatible licenses, eg. if your program is GPL, you can't use it.

Latok: DirAsDsk not good enough for ya? ;)

By Latok

msx guru (3860)

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02-10-2007, 22:18

hap: no, it isn't Tongue