fMSX32 17/03/03

by Haze on 24-03-2003, 21:09
Topic: Emulation

A new version of the MSX emulator for the GP32 handheld from GamePark Inc. has been released by its author Rlyeh. As taken from the readme-file, the following changes have been made since the previous release:

- full MSX1 and MSX2 support, partial MSX2+ support,
- full ROM/DSK/DDI/IMG/ZIP/GZ loading, (packed files using ZLib)
- full AY/SCC/SCC+/YM sound support,
- full cursor/joystick/mouse support,
- preliminary RF multiplayer gaming (slow),
- crystal sound rendering output, using CHN's library,
- 99% of compatibility,
- saving screenshots to PNG format, using my own library,
- CRC32 ROM naming detection using GoodMSX by Cowering,
- featuring extras: preliminary GUI, built-in menus.

What's lacking:
- adding more missing options
- fixing known bugs as usual :-)

If you want to order a GamePark32 visit Lik-Sang.

Maybe it's not a real portable MSX but it's close to the next best thing. You can download the latest version of fMSX32 from Rlyeh's site:

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25-03-2003, 20:22

Hmmm... maybe version numbers could come in handy Wink