MSX Games on Sega Master System

MSX Games on Sega Master System

by ro on 15-08-2016, 15:12
Topic: Emulation

The Sega Master System it's hardware is quite similar to that of an MSX computer. It's got a Z80, PSG and VDP like our beloved system. So, it should be able to play MSX games.. right? right!

On the website you can find a list of MSX ports for the Sega legacy. While these ports run on Sega emulators, they recently been tested on real hardware. Here's a video on that.

Makes you wonder, can SMS games run on MSX? Well, yeah at least with the Playsoniq or Franky MSX hardware. Or just enjoy MSX on Sega Game Gear devices. Happy gaming.

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By Meits

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15-08-2016, 15:59

That guy got some Konami ROMs to work. In the description he wrote how he tried some other games which are megaroms. Those didn't work. The fact that they're megaroms, does that have something to do with them not working?


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15-08-2016, 18:36

FYI: I am still willing to give my tested & working AI engine to anyone who is seriously thinking about automatic or manual porting between two Z80 platforms... It finds the correct routines to patch much faster than you, if you are not afraid of some fuzzy logic.

By ro

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15-08-2016, 18:44

Fuzzy Logic scares me to death


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15-08-2016, 19:14


Fuzzy Logic scares me to death

They made some nice demos though Wink

By Wild_Penguin

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19-08-2016, 11:58

A lot of the colors are way to dark. It seems the SMS has a different palette - is it fixed or modifiable?

By mars2000you

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19-08-2016, 14:39

SMS has the same colors as MSX2 while pre-SMS machines have the same colors as most MSX1 machines.

By hap

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20-08-2016, 16:39

No, SMS has that weird dark palette when running in TMS9918 compatibility mode(AFAIK it can't be modified), definitely not the default MSX2 one.

By mars2000you

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20-08-2016, 18:52

You're right, I've made a confusion with the normal SMS mode (or SMS screen 4). Checking the site, the problem come from the SMS color system, especially the CRAM that interpretes the TMS colors to give this strange palette.


By nitrofurano

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28-09-2016, 15:16 compares the palette between sg1000 (mark I/II) and msx1 with mastersystem/markIII - (mastersystem “legacy” palette seems hardwired, while from gamegear isn’t)

mastersystem palette uses 6 bits for each colour index (2 bits for each primary - gamegear uses 4 bits, and megadrive uses 3 bits )