RuMSX 0.29

by snout on 17-02-2005, 22:26
Topic: Emulation

Rudolf Lechleitner has just released a new version of RuMSX. Changes in this version:

  • RuMSX now supports a "My MSX" folder. This feature is disabled by default and has to be enabled by separate tools. More information on My MSX can be found over here
  • Fixed a bug that caused ROM-type detection to fail when *.ROM file were launched from the Explorer
  • Added ROM-types for "Holy Quran", "Zombie Hunter" and "IDE-Interface" (currently non-functional)
  • Added experimental support for SCSI-Interfaces (currently non-functional)
  • Fixed "FM-PAC" and "Halnote" ROM-layout
  • Fixed (FM-)PAC SRAM mapper, so that it works with "Laydock2 - Last Attack" as well
  • Fixed detection of "SCC+ dummy" ROM
  • Fixed "Generic MegaROM (KONAMI4/8 KByte)" mapper (caused problems with 'Metal Gear' on MSX2+)
  • BugFix: invalid display mode results in 16KB VRAM only (overflow after adress-increment does not enter a new VRAM-page, also the VRAM layout matches screen modes 0(40), 1, 2 and 3).
  • "Hunchback" displays its graphics properly now
  • Added support for the FS-A1ST Turbo R configuration as well (here the MSX-Logo is part of MSX-Music)
  • Added C-BIOS configuration (see the C-BIOS website)
  • Significantly improved MSX-Help (MSX-Basic core documentation completed, many other topics are updated and extended)
  • MSX1 machines usually don't have a CMOS-RAM: added "Base MSX" configuration without CMOS, without Disk-ROM and 32KB RAM only (Note: 16KB RAM does not work with all System-ROMs)
  • SETUP added additional information for the Add/remove "Software" control panel applet
  • New tiny SETUP.EXE uses an Install/Uninstall wizard and adds support for the "My MSX" folder
  • SETUP.EXE renamed "RuMSXrom" and "RuMSXtape" keys in the registry to neutral values
  • Stabilized debugger (sometimes crashed) and added the 'RF' (full register output) command

You can find more information on RuMSX, and download it, from Rudolf Lechleitner's website. The MSX Emulator comparison will be updated as soon as the set of tests has been performed on this new version of RuMSX.

Relevant link: Rudolf Lechleitner's website

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By snout

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17-02-2005, 22:36

Oh, and big thanks to TFH for reporting about it on #msx Wink

By BiFi

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18-02-2005, 08:07

That C-BIOS version is old...

  1. We're at v0.20 already while RuMSX still has v0.17
  2. It was already added to version 0.28 and...
  3. There are currently 3 C-BIOS configurations for the MSX emulators which have support for user configs, which includes RuMSX, openMSX, blueMSX and NLMSX.

By tfh

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18-02-2005, 08:41

LOL Smile Smile I am still receiving e-mails fro Rudolph in which he sends me every new version to put on the MEP. I guess he never took me of the mailing list Smile
Thanks for the credit anyway Wink

By Whizzy

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18-02-2005, 15:30

Great going to try this out ASAP