RuMSX 0.31

by snout on 28-06-2005, 14:10
Topic: Emulation

Earlier this month two major updates of blueMSX and openMSX were released. Today, Rudolf Lechleitner released a new version of RuMSX. In the new release, the following changes were made:

  • Added SCSI-Support for the WD33C93A controller, which enables use of HSH and NOVAXIS ROMs with harddisk-images (with NOVAXIS CD-ROM ISO-images can be accessed too)
  • Support for multiple Disk-ROMs added (now up to 8 floppy-drives can be used, in theory)
  • Screen 8 colors have been fixed, display is now much brighter (4 grey tones are available too)
  • Fixed bug which caused SaveState files with more than 1 ROM-cartridge to be saved and loaded improperly
  • Fixed potential crashes in highres-modes when the Adjust-register uses excessive values
  • The adjust-register Y value is ignored for now (fixes a bug causing the NOVAXIS NFDISK-utility does to crash if running in high-resolution mode)
  • HtmlHelp updated: Added SCREEN 9 information
  • Added extensions to the MSX-Configuration dialog ((changed TR-DefaultConfig, implemented missing features, ...)
  • Added read-only support for the personal folder "My MSX\MSX computers\RuMSX configurations"
  • MSXDOS1 boot-sector has been slightly modified (removed random bytes to get compact code+data)
  • Updated MSX-locale and initial VDP-frequency of the CBIOS configurations according to the design-specifications
  • Made a few improvements in ROM-type detection
  • Language selection now allows to include value-formatting too
  • Added option to decrease CPU-load while running at same speed
  • Added "inactive mode" option in case RuMSX is running in background
  • Added experimental emulation of Epson printers, "Print-X-press" is at least partially working now
  • Fixed a bug in the "Generic 8KB ROM mapper", which prevented Parodius from being played until the end
  • ROM\SCCPLUS.TXT added. This file describes the "SCC+ dummy" ROM-image format and handling
  • Some more minor updates...

A new RuMSX review for the MSX Emulator Comparison will be published in the relatively near future, together with updated reviews of blueMSX and openMSX.

Relevant link: Rudolf Lechleitner's website

Comments (9)

By snout

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28-06-2005, 14:15

CD-ROM ISO Images. Sweet! Smile

By Sonic_aka_T

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28-06-2005, 14:20

Wow! Great to see some more development is being done on RuMSX! Keep it up! Smile

By Ivan

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28-06-2005, 23:12

Wow! Great to see some more development is being done on RuMSX! Keep it up!

I remember the time when fMSX and RuMSX were the only MSX emulators for Windows.

By Ivan

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28-06-2005, 23:14

...and RuMSX was the only MSX emulator that supported TurboR emulation.

By Vampier

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29-06-2005, 09:48

I think RuMSX will again go up in the next emu compare round Smile

RuMSX's manual is EXCELENT! until now NO emulator has such good documentation (I mean not only MSX emulators) I also thank the author for supporting C-BIOS Smile

By BiFi

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29-06-2005, 11:07

RuMSX has two major advantages over many other emulator from the start: its quite extensive user interface which includes even digitizer support and its even more extensive documentation.

I do think the way RuMSX detects a Konami Sound cartridge is kind of strange to depend it on ROM contents. IMHO it should emulate the hardware correctly... It'll most likely simply clear the first 32 bytes of the Sound Cartridge without question now.

By pitpan

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30-06-2005, 00:09

About fMSX and RuMSX being the only availables MSX emus for Windows, I have to strongly disagree. The first MSX emulator for Windows was the excellent (it was impressive for that time) Virtual MSX, by Sean Young. Now it is kind of embebbed in MESS (Sean is the developer of the MSX/MSX2 MESS driver).

Back on topic: congratulations, Rudolf. Now there are two more emus that I would like to see updated: NO$MSX and BrMSX (Windows version, but I am afraid that it was cancelled by Ricardo).

By snout

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30-06-2005, 00:22

Pitpan: Indeed... and then there were MSX4PC, Compujunks and WOOM (no typo!) as well Wink

By Manuel

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30-06-2005, 20:51

But MSX4PC and CompuJunks were DOS programs, or not?